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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 To Her Majesty HARUKO Empress of Japan  jakemalizia 1:41 Listen PL OK
1 Before I Sailed  jakemalizia 19:04 see note p. 1, p. 2 Listen PL OK
2 On the Ocean  jakemalizia 10:14 Listen PL OK
3 In Amerikey Part 1  Athrunknight San Francisco, night, 21st - I sent my uncle to fetch a hair-dresser. 17:36 Listen PL OK
4 In Amerikey Part 2  neecheelok70 28th—How old is she? - I decided to mail it to my Japan, requesting my daddy to post it upon my garden grasses—somewhere by the old cherry tree. Claimed 11/26 Assigned
5 In Amerikey Part 3  neecheelok70 9th—To-day is the third anniversary of my grandmother’s death. - My adventure failed. 2408 words 16:57 Listen PL OK
6 In Amerikey Part 4  neecheelok70 23rd—I mean no one else but O Ada San, when I say “my sweet girl.” - Here I can study the typical household of America’s best caste. 14:35 Listen PL OK
7 In Amerikey Part 5  neecheelok70 6th—“Anata donata?” - “Uncle, you cannot return home! We are the property of Mr. Schuyler. Isn’t it really too bad?” 13:17 Listen PL OK
11 In Amerikey Part 9  simonettix 15th—Night has just arrived. - I bought the bottle this morning. 2271 words claimed 11/8 Assigned
12 In Amerikey Part 10  simonettix 25th—A bamboo table in my room reminded me of a take bush in the neighbouring churchyard of my Tokio home. - “Pray, make me useful!” 1930 words claimed 11/8 Assigned
15 In Amerikey Part 13   17th—Squirrel! - Then I kissed his hand most pathetically—in fun for my part, of course. 2158 words Open
16 In Amerikey Part 14   22nd—My superstitious Mamma! - Bye-bye, little girl! 1612 words. Includes poem in Japanese. Open
17 In Amerikey Part 15   San Francisco, March 1st Civilisation again! - Has she much education? 2155 words Open
18 In Amerikey Part 16   10th—My uncle wanted me to join him in visiting a stockyard to see the doomed pigs groaning, “Fu, fu, fu!” - end 1668 words Open