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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution - Income Taxes (Annotated)  msfry PL OK
2 Sixteen Years Without a Birthday  commonsparrow3 PL OK
3 Apollo 16  williamjones PL OK
4 Le Crime du seize octobre ou Les Fantômes de Marly  ezwa PL OK
5 Easter 1916  alanmapstone PL OK
6 Flying the Atlantic in Sixteen Hours, Chapter 7  barleyguy PL OK
7 Inaugural Address by the 16th President of the United States  tcjsavannah PL OK
8 The Last Will of Louis XVI  mleigh PL OK
9 Louis XVI aux Français (English translation)  Kazbek PL OK
10 Louis XVI aux Français  ezwa MMMD2505 PL OK
11 Survey of Occupations Open to the Girl of Fourteen to Sixteen Years  Sue Anderson PL OK
12 On Reaching Sixteen  KevinS PL OK
13 Revival of Preaching in the Sixteenth Century  TriciaG PL OK
14 Seize Ans  Kitty PL OK
15 Шестнадцати лет  HannaPonomarenko PL OK
16 Sixteen Dead Men  Kazbek PL OK
17 Sixteen Dont's for Poets  lurcherlover PL OK
18 Sixteen Months  prosfilaes PL OK
19 "Sixteen-String Jack" from A Book of Scoundrels  Rapunzelina PL OK
20 Sixteen Weeks of Fighting  Lynnet PL OK
21 Sonnet 16  cavaet PL OK
22 Astrophil and Stella - Sonnet 16  alanmapstone PL OK
23 Am sechzehnten Sonntage nach Pfingsten  lorda PL OK
24 The Art of Tying the Cravat ... in Sixteen Lessons. (Ch. 16)  Carmelea PL OK
25 When She Was About Sixteen  mightyfelix PL OK
26 The History of Sixteen Wonderful Old Women  Andrea42 PL OK