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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Invisible Kingdom - German  mariraz 22:10 Source, by Richard Leander (aka Richard Von Volkmann) Listen PL OK
2 Princess Crystal, or the Hidden Treasure - English  mariraz 13:32 Source, by Isabel Bellerby Listen PL OK
3 The Squire's Bride - Norwegian  TheBanjo 6:13 Source, by Peter Christen Asbjørnsen Listen PL OK
4 The Story of Panch Mar Khan - Himalayan  ColleenMc 3:36 Source, by Alice Dracott Listen PL OK
5 Boots, Who Made the Princess Say, "That's a Story" - Norse  Katharina21 4:21 Source, by G. W. Dasent Listen PL OK
6 The Gods of Olympus: Zeus - Greek  Janckee 22:22 Source, by Jessie M. Tatlock Listen PL OK
7 The Castle of Anoush - Armenian  LKnight 8:42 Source, by Raffi Listen PL OK
8 The Stolen Treasure - Burmese  AyeChanMay8 17:33 Source, by Mimosa (aka Mabel Cosgrove Wodehouse Pearse) Listen PL OK
9 A Fable - Burmese  AyeChanMay8 11:00 Source, by Mimosa, by Mimosa (aka Mabel Cosgrove Wodehouse Pearse) Listen PL OK
10 How Thor Lost His Hammer - Norse  Lector1 Source, by Mary H. Foster and Mabel H. Cummings - PL Note on pg. 3 We need this to be the next-to-last recording that was submitted Listen PL OK
11 The Bird of Paradise - Germanic  Cathy64 10:04 Source, by Mary H. Frary Listen PL OK
12 The Fight with the Firbolgs - Irish  Ebeltran 19:12 Source, by Lady Gregory Listen PL OK