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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Songs of the Hunt  Nedge 1183 Words Assigned
2 Tad Coon’s Tricks and His Troubles  Nedge 1284 Words Assigned
3 Grandpop’s Bite that Never Let Go  Nedge 948 Words Assigned
4 Tad’s Tricks Come Home to Roost   1373 Words Open
5 The Time Tad Coon Was Trickier Than He Knew   1159 Words Open
6 Tad Makes a Compact with Watch and Tommy Peele   896 Words Open
7 Black Crime in the Hen House  mleigh 1195 Words Assigned
8 How Nibble Turned Detective  mleigh 1449 Words Assigned
9 Stripes Skunk Learns How to Behave   1356 Words Open
10 Stripes Skunk Begins to be Good   963 Words Open
11 Stripes Continues His Good Works   896 Words Open
12 Doctor Muskrat Tells Why Skunks Are So   1461 Words Open
13 In Defense of a Lady  silverquill 4:56 Listen PL OK