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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Why Nibble Bunny Was Puzzled  qthemusic123 PL OK
2 How Nibble the Bunny Was Caught  qthemusic123 PL OK
3 How Nibble Tricked a Foe—and Made a Friend  slgill PL OK
4 Why Dogs Love Babies  slgill PL OK
5 Nibble Has His Doubts About Dogs  mleigh PL OK
6 The Cleverness of Chirp Sparrow  Jet1996 PL OK
7 How a Bunny Could Help a Boy  mlaldridge PL OK
8 How the Funny Bunny Smelled a Joke  mlaldridge PL OK
9 The Great Woodchuck Fur Charm Against Owls  Jodes PL OK
10 What Doctor Muskrat Thought About Traps  CadenB PL OK
11 The Singular Mishap of Doctor Muskrat  silverquill PL OK
12 Tommy Peele’s Friends Stand Up For Him  CadenB PL OK
13 Wise Words from a Wise Beast  silverquill PL OK