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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Foreword & The Cute Coyote  Smilingjade PL OK
2 The Prairie-Dog and His Kin  jennlea PL OK
3 Famous Fur-bearers  OooThatsNifty PL OK
4 Horns and Hoofs and Legs of Speed  khiggins PL OK
5 Bats in the Devil's Kitchen  thilak PL OK
6 The Well-meaning Skunk  thilak PL OK
7 Old Silver-grizzle - The Badger  Nedge PL OK
8 The Squirrel and His Jerky-tail Brothers  sdwilcox PL OK
9 The Rabbits and Their Habits  RuthP PL OK
10 Ghosts of the Campfire  Menglert77 PL OK
11 Sneak-cats Big and Small  Menglert77 PL OK
12 Bears of High and Low Degree  Nedge PL OK