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1 The Testimony of the Monuments to the Truth of the Scriptures by George Frederick Wright  InTheDesert 41:31, p.7-28 Listen PL OK
2 The Recent Testimony of Archeology to the Scriptures by M.G. Kyle  InTheDesert 30:36, p.29-47 Listen PL OK
3 Fallacies of the Higher Criticism by Franklin Johnson  InTheDesert 41:35, p.48-68 Listen PL OK
4 Christ and Criticism by Sir Robert Anderson  InTheDesert 30:06, p.69-84 Listen PL OK
5 Modern Philosophy by Philip Mauro  silverquill 45:56, p.85-105 Listen PL OK
6 Justification by Faith by H.C.G. Moule  InTheDesert 27:29, p.106-119 Listen PL OK
7 Tributes to Christ and the Bible by Brainy Men not Known as Active Christians  KevinS 13:16 Listen PL OK