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3 The Dog and the Horse, &c.  GraceBuchanan Assigned
4 The Envious Man  GraceBuchanan Assigned
5 The Force of Generosity  GraceBuchanan Assigned
6 The Just Judge  GraceBuchanan Assigned
7 The Force of Jealousy  GraceBuchanan Assigned
8 The Thresh’d Wife  GraceBuchanan Assigned
9 The Captive  GraceBuchanan Assigned
10 The Funeral Pile  GraceBuchanan Assigned
11 The Evening’s Entertainment  GraceBuchanan Assigned
12 The Rendezvous  GraceBuchanan Assigned
13 The Free-booter  GraceBuchanan Assigned
14 The Fisherman  GraceBuchanan Assigned
15 The Basilisk  GraceBuchanan Assigned
16 The Tournaments  GraceBuchanan Assigned
17 The Hermit  GraceBuchanan Assigned
18 The Riddles, or Ænigmas  GraceBuchanan Assigned