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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Recapitulatory  Kaffen PL OK
1 From 20 Minutes Past Ten to 47 Minutes Past 10 P.M.  Kaffen PL OK
2 The First Half-Hour  Kaffen PL OK
3 Their Place of Shelter  Kaffen PL OK
4 A Little Algebra  Kaffen PL OK
5 The Cold of Space  Kaffen PL OK
6 Question and Answer  Kaffen PL OK
7 A Moment of Intoxication  Kaffen PL OK
8 At Seventy-eight Thousand Five Hundred and Fourteen Leagues  Kaffen PL OK
9 The Consequences of a Deviation  Kaffen PL OK
10 The Observers of the Moon  Kaffen PL OK
11 Fancy and Reality  Kaffen PL OK
12 Orographic Details  Kaffen PL OK
13 Lunar Landscapes  Kaffen PL OK
14 The Night of Three Hundred Fifty-Four Hours and a Half  Kaffen PL OK
15 Hyperbola or Parabola  Kaffen PL OK
16 The Southern Hemisphere  Kaffen PL OK
17 Tycho  Kaffen PL OK
18 Grave Questions  Kaffen PL OK
19 A Struggle Against the Impossible  Kaffen PL OK
20 The Soundings of the "Susquehanna"  Kaffen PL OK
21 J.T. Maston Recalled  Kaffen PL OK
22 Recovered From the Sea  Kaffen PL OK
23 The End  Kaffen PL OK