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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Beginning of a Plot  njgorgen 21:47 Listen PL OK
2 Back from the Dead  njgorgen 11:03 Listen PL OK
3 Jimmy Duryea's Daring  njgorgen 11:10 Listen PL OK
4 Throwing the Gauntlet  njgorgen 12:19 Listen PL OK
5 The Ghost of Jimmy  njgorgen 11:59 Listen PL OK
6 Nick Meets Defiance  njgorgen 12:42 Listen PL OK
7 When a Man is Desperate  njgorgen 11:31 Listen PL OK
8 Plotting Against a Plotter  njgorgen 12:23 Listen PL OK
9 Excitement in the Night  njgorgen 12:26 Listen PL OK
10 A Plot Most Foul  njgorgen 13:08 Listen PL OK
11 The Diamond Necklace  njgorgen 12:10 Listen PL OK
12 The Revelations of Nan  njgorgen 12:23 Listen PL OK
13 The Laying of the Ghost  njgorgen 10:42 Listen PL OK
14 The Stolen Identity  njgorgen 21:47 Listen PL OK
15 A Woman of Mystery  njgorgen 10:50 Listen PL OK
16 Going After Juno  njgorgen 12:19 Listen PL OK
17 Juno  njgorgen 12:57 Listen PL OK
18 A Dangerous Woman  njgorgen 11:32 see note p. 3 Listen PL OK
19 Trailed by Fatalities  njgorgen 12:06 Listen PL OK
20 The Siren Exerts her Skill  njgorgen 12:02 Listen PL OK
21 The Siren at Work  njgorgen Assigned
22 A Secret Mission  njgorgen Assigned
23 The Work of a Secret Agent  njgorgen Assigned
24 The Ambassador's Cabinet  njgorgen Assigned
25 The Hollow Bedpost  njgorgen Assigned
26 The Woman Spy  njgorgen Assigned
27 In the Net of a Siren  njgorgen Assigned
28 A Fight in the Street  njgorgen Assigned
29 Murder  njgorgen Assigned
30 Bare-Faced Jimmy's Double  njgorgen Assigned