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1 Theories on the origin of speech  Marya999 PL OK
2 The vocal instrument part 1  Marya999 PL OK
3 The vocal instrument part 2  Marya999 PL OK
4 The vocal instrument part 3; Pathological Degenerative Changes Producting Speech Defects and What They Teach  Marya999 PL OK
5 The cerebral mechanism of speech and song; Speech and Right Handedness  Marya999 PL OK
6 Localisation of speech centers in the brain; The Primary Site of Revival of Words in Silent Thought  Marya999 PL OK
7 Case of deafness arising from destruction of auditory centres in the brain causing loss of speech  Marya999 PL OK
8 Primary revival of some sensations in the brain; Psychic Mechanism of the Voice  Marya999 PL OK