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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 An Old English Ballad  TonyP PL OK
1 The World-Wide Hunt for Vanished Riches  TonyP PL OK
2 Captain Kidd in Fact and Fiction  TonyP PL OK
3 Captain Kidd, His Treasure  TonyP PL OK
4 Captain Kidd, His Trial and Death  TonyP PL OK
5 The Wondrous Fortune of William Phips  TonyP PL OK
6 The Bold Sea Rogue, John Quelch  TonyP PL OK
7 The Armada Galleon of Tobermory Bay  TonyP PL OK
8 The Lost Plate Fleet of Vigo  TonyP PL OK
9 The Pirates' Horde of Trinidad  TonyP PL OK
10 The Lure of Cocos Island  TonyP PL OK
11 The Mystery of The Lutine Frigate  TonyP PL OK
12 The Toilers of The Thetis  TonyP PL OK
13 The Quest of El Dorado  TonyP PL OK
14 The Wizardry of the Diving Rod  TonyP PL OK
15 Sundry Pirates and Their Booty  TonyP PL OK
16 Practical Hints for Treasure Seekers  TonyP PL OK