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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Leonidas Hubbard, Jr.  zachh PL OK
2 Slipping Away Into The Wilderness  zachh PL OK
3 Climbing The Rapids  zachh PL OK
4 Disaster Which Threatened Defeat  zachh PL OK
5 To The Bend Of The River  zachh PL OK
6 Cross Country To Seal Lake Waters  zachh PL OK
7 Off For Michikamau  zachh PL OK
8 Scaring The Guides  zachh PL OK
9 Mount Hubbard and Windbound Lake  zachh PL OK
10 Michikamau  zachh PL OK
11 Storm-Bound On Michikamats  zachh PL OK
12 The Migrating Caribou  zachh PL OK
13 Across The Divide  zachh PL OK
14 Through The Lakes Of The Upper George  zachh PL OK
15 The Montagnais Indians  zachh PL OK
16 The Barren Ground People  zachh PL OK
17 The Race For Ungava  zachh PL OK
18 The Reckoning  zachh PL OK
19 Diary Of Leonidas Hubbard, Jr. Kept During His Expedition Into Labrador  zachh PL OK
20 Narrative By George Elson, Part 1  zachh PL OK
21 Narrative By George Elson, Part 2  zachh PL OK