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0 Preface   Book of common prayer, Zechii,I,2, Purgatorio, Canto I (English only) Preface to 'Home ed' series, Preface (ending page xxii) Open
1 Introductory. Chapter I The Kingdom of Mansoul  AlongsideMom 5:48 Listen See PL notes
2 Introductory. Chapter II The Perils of Mansoul  AlongsideMom 6:46 Listen See PL notes
3 Introductory. Chapter III The Government of Mansoul  AlongsideMom 3:57 Listen See PL notes
4 Part I The House of Body Chapter I The Esquires of the Body: Hunger  rwhit070 6:40 Listen PL OK
5 Chapter II The Esquires of the Body: Thirst  rwhit070 4:57 Listen PL OK
6 Chapter III The Esquires of the Body: Restlessness and Rest  thilak 7:50 Listen PL OK
7 Chapter IV The Esquires of the Body: Chastity  rgarden 4:58 Listen PL OK
8 Chapter V The Pages of the Body: The Five Senses  saoussen 17:56 Listen PL OK
9 Part II The House of the Mind Chapter 1 Ourselves  CandiceLandry Assigned
10 Chapter II My Lord Intellect  CandiceLandry Assigned
11 Chapter III The Deamons of Intellect  CandiceLandry Assigned
12 Chapter IV My Lord Chief Explorer, Imagination  CandiceLandry Claimed Dec 3 Assigned
13 Chapter V The Beauty Sense  thilak 4:13 Listen PL OK
14 Chapter VI My Lord Chief Attorney-General, Reason   Open
15 Chapter VII The Lords of the Exchequer, The Desires (Part I.)   Open
16 Chapter VIII The Lord of the Exchequer, The Desires (Part II.)   Open
17 Part III. The House of Heart, Lords of the Heart: I. Love Chapter I The Ways of Love   Open
18 Chapter II Love's Lords in Waiting: Pity   Open
19 Chapter III Love's Lords in Waiting: Benevolence   Open
20 Chapter IV Love's Lords in Waiting: Sympathy   Open
21 Chapter V Love's Lords in Waiting: Kindness   Open
22 Chapter VI Love's Lords in Waiting: Generosity   Open
23 Chapter VII Love's Lords in Waiting: Gratitude   Open
24 Chapter VIII Love's Lords in Waiting: Courage   Open
25 Chapter IX Love's Lords in Waiting: Loyalty   Open
26 Chapter X Love's Lords in Waiting: Humility   Open
27 Chapter XI Love's Lords in Waiting: Gladness   Open
28 Lords of the Heart: II. Justice Chapter XII Justice, Universal  JBrous Assigned
29 Chapter XIII Justice to the Persons of Others  JBrous Assigned
30 Chapter XIV Truth: Justice in Word  JBrous 12:56 Listen PL OK
31 Chapter XV Spoken Truth  JBrous 15:26 Listen PL OK
32 Chapter XVI Some Causes of Lying  JBrous 9:01 Listen PL OK
33 Chapter XVII Integrity: Justice in Action  ABodkin Assigned
34 Chapter XVIII Opinions: Justice in Thought  ABodkin Assigned
35 Chapter XIX Principles: Justice in Motive   Open
36 Chapter XX Self-Ordering: Justice to Ourselves   Open
37 Part IV Vocation  thilak 14:43 Listen PL OK