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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Father William, by Lewis Carroll  GraceBuchanan 2:52 Listen PL OK
2 The Walrus and the Carpenter, by Lewis Carroll  GraceBuchanan 5:32 Listen PL OK
3 The Hunting of the Snark, Extracts, by Lewis Carroll  GraceBuchanan 6:28 Listen PL OK
4 Jabberwocky, by Lewis Carroll  GraceBuchanan 2:07 Listen PL OK
5 The Jumblies, by Edward Lear  GraceBuchanan 4:31 Listen PL OK
8 Gentle Alice Brown, by W.S. Gilbert  GraceBuchanan Assigned
9 Emily, John, James, and I, by W.S. Gilbert  GraceBuchanan Assigned
10 Ellen M'Jones Aberdeen, by W.S. Gilbert  GraceBuchanan Assigned
11 The Sycophantic Fox and the Gullible Raven, by Guy Wetmore Carryl  GraceBuchanan Assigned
12 Red Ridinghood, by Guy Wetmore Carryl  GraceBuchanan Assigned
13 A Nautical Ballad, by Charles E. Carryl  GraceBuchanan Assigned
14 The Plaint of the Camel, by Charles E. Carryl  GraceBuchanan Assigned
15 Child's Natural History, by Oliver Herford  GraceBuchanan Assigned
16 Alphabet of Celebrities, by Oliver Herford  GraceBuchanan Assigned
17 Nonsense Verses, by Gelett Burgess  GraceBuchanan Assigned
18 Vers Nonsensiques, by George du Maurier  GraceBuchanan Assigned
19 Nonsense Verse, by Rudyard Kipling  GraceBuchanan Assigned
20 Nonsense Verse, by W.S. Gilbert  GraceBuchanan Assigned
21 Varia, by Anonymous  GraceBuchanan Assigned