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1 The Characteristics of a Good Church Member  KenricVO 7:31 Listen PL OK
3 The Unused Diplomas of Life  BeckyWTX 10:09 Listen PL OK
4 Strength Adorned by Love  JordanN 11:22 Listen PL OK
5 Provoking One Another to Good Works  weezer 8:32
p. 27-32
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6 The Road that Leads Home  weezer 8:33 Listen PL OK
7 Christ's Mission to Deaf Ears  weezer 7:48 Listen PL OK
8 The Soldier's Home-Coming  JordanN 9:58 Listen PL OK
9 How to Get Everything You Want   p. 50-56 Open
11 Christ's Kingdom of Character   p. 64-70 Open
12 Religious Gadders   p. 71-74 Open
13 How to Become More Truly Religious   p. 75-79 Open
15 The Kind of Holiness Pleasing to God  flutr87 Claimed 12/26
p. 85-89
16 The Angels Peculiar to Summer-Time  Owlivia 6:52 Listen PL OK
17 The Devils Peculiar to Summer-Time  Owlivia 6:38 Listen PL OK
18 Disagreeable Christians  JordanN 7:47 Listen PL OK
19 The Source of Our Love for Christ  JordanN 8:39 Listen PL OK
20 How to Keep Cheerful  JordanN 9:58
p. 111-116
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21 The Imperishable Man Within  JordanN 8:23 Listen PL OK
22 The Art of Receiving Good Advice  JordanN 9:49 Listen PL OK
23 The Blessings of Hope   p. 128-131 Open
24 Walking with God  BeckyWTX 11:01 Listen PL OK
26 The Good and the Bad Worldliness   p. 141-145 Open
27 The Evolution of the Shirk   p. 146-150 Open
30 Making the Most of Things  mleigh 7:43 Listen PL OK
31 How Not to Want Everything   p. 167-173 Open
32 Every-Day Life Made Easy   p. 174-178 Open
34 The Spiritual Cupboard   p. 185-189 Open
35 The Duty and Privilege of Forgiving Those Who Injure Us   p. 190-196 Open
36 Commonplace Heroes  mleigh 9:02 Listen PL OK
37 The Odd Sparrow  mleigh 7:31 Listen PL OK
38 The Mountain of the Giants  Steve Claimed 1/13
p. 208-214
39 The Special Value of Average People  Steve Claimed 1/13
p. 215-220
40 Christ's Philosophy of Comfort   p. 221-224 Open
41 How to Make the Bible a Personal Book   p. 225-230 Open
42 Juicy Christians  weezer 6:57 Listen PL OK
43 Sleepy Christians and Their Gentle Lord  weezer 7:13
p. 236-240
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44 The Power of Personal Influence  weezer 5:07 Listen PL OK
45 The Living Bread  weezer 7:43 Listen PL OK
46 How to Get Rid of Fear  weezer 7:36 Listen PL OK
47 The Taming of the Greatest Shrew in the World  weezer 6:16 Listen PL OK
48 The Divine Side of a Revival  silverquill 9:09 Listen PL OK
49 The Human Side of a Revival  silverquill 8:59
p. 267-272
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50 What Happens When There Is a Revival of Religion  silverquill 7:42 Listen PL OK
51 A Great Revival and What Caused It  silverquill 8:47
p. 279-283
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52 The First Christmas Gifts  mightyfelix p. 284-289 Assigned