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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Captain Sparkle, the Pirate Chief  Jaz367 PL OK
2 The Mystery of the Pirate Craft  Jaz367 PL OK
3 That Fellow Who Looks Like Me  2839reader PL OK
4 Nick’s Deductions  2839reader PL OK
5 The Mark of the Rover’s Keel  2839reader PL OK
6 Captain Sparkle's Second Victim  MManolakes PL OK
7 Waiting for the Pirate’s Attack  lightstarx PL OK
8 Boarding the Pirate Cruiser  MikeO PL OK
9 The Pirate Chieftan Unmasked  MikeO PL OK
10 Two Counts of Cadillac  thobbspeterson PL OK
11 The Capture of the Pirate Chief  MManolakes PL OK
12 The Fight in the Pirate’s Cabin  johnb2 PL OK
13 The Rover of the Seas  lightstarx PL OK
14 The Abduction of Bessie Harlan  ToddHW PL OK
15 Nick Carter is the Man  ToddHW PL OK
16 The Pirate’s Beautiful Captive  MManolakes PL OK
17 The Time and the Hour!  DanielJC PL OK
18 The Detective Sizes Up the Case  DanielJC PL OK
19 Planning the Pirate's Capture  lightstarx PL OK
20 A Weird Voice of the Night  GamersThumbsR PL OK
21 The Men Inside the Castle  GamersThumbsR PL OK
22 A Combat With the Rapiers  GamersThumbsR PL OK
23 The Summons at the Door  lightstarx PL OK
24 The Duel in the Tower  lightstarx PL OK