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5 A Bouleversement  spatel2 Assigned
6 To the Rescue  spatel2 Assigned
7 At Some Crossroads  spatel2 Assigned
8 A Little Rebel  spatel2 Assigned
9 Fate To the Fore  spatel2 Assigned
10 To Turn and Fight  spatel2 Assigned
11 A Rift of Suspicion  spatel2 Assigned
12 True To Her Colors  spatel2 Assigned
13 Under the Rose  spatel2 Assigned
14 For Native Land and Loyalty  spatel2 Assigned
15 Parting  spatel2 Assigned
16 Love and True Love  spatel2 Assigned
17 Mid War's Alarms  spatel2 Assigned
18 Whom Shall She Pity  spatel2 Assigned
19 Midnight Tidings of Great Joy  spatel2 Assigned
20 When the World Went Well  spatel2 Assigned
21 An April Girl  spatel2 Assigned
22 Polly and Phil  spatel2 Assigned
23 Primrose  spatel2 Assigned
24 The Old and the New  spatel2 Assigned