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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Through My Neighbor's Window  skilmer 9:05 Listen PL OK
2 I Am Involved  skilmer 28:00 Listen PL OK
3 A Coroner's Inquest  skilmer 15:29 Listen PL OK
4 Unwilling Witnesses  skilmer 21:31 Listen PL OK
5 Mrs. Atkins Holds Something Back  skilmer 24:29 Listen PL OK
6 A Letter and Its Answer  skilmer 11:06 Listen PL OK
7 Mr. Merritt Instructs Me  skilmer 33:20 Listen PL OK
8 An Identification  skilmer 26:49 Listen PL OK
9 IInstruct Mr. Merritt  skilmer 33:38 Listen PL OK
10 The Missing Hat  skilmer 22:06 Listen PL OK
11 Madame Argot's Mad Husband  skilmer 26:24 Listen PL OK
12 A Professional Visit Out of Town  skilmer 28:28 Listen PL OK
13 Mr. and Mrs. Atkins At Home  skilmer 29:39 Listen PL OK
14 My Hysterical Patient  skilmer 15:19 Listen PL OK
15 A Sudden Flight  skilmer Assigned
16 That Tackless Detective  skilmer Assigned
17 One Woman Exonerated  skilmer Assigned
18 the Truth of the Whole Matter  skilmer Assigned