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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Preface  Bookworm360 4:28 Listen See PL notes
1 The Fate of the Children of Lir  elizabethcanright Assigned
2 Jack, the Cunning Thief  megreads 22:23 Listen PL OK
3 Powel, Prince of Dyfed  PinewoodMists Assigned
4 Paddy O'Kelly and the Weasel  Owlivia 14:27 Listen PL OK
5 The Black Horse  afinevoice 07:40 Listen PL OK
6 The Vision of Macconglinney  Pianolil 12:01 Listen PL OK
7 Dream of Owen O'Mulready  johnb2 7:37 Listen PL OK
8 Morraha  johnb2 33:25 Listen PL OK
9 The Story of the Macandrew Family  afinevoice 13:44 Listen PL OK
10 The Farmer of Liddesdale  fishmiles 5:31 Listen PL OK
11 The Greek Princess and the Young Gardener  megreads 22:54 Listen PL OK
12 The Russet Dog  Ares 19:53 Listen PL OK
13 Smallhead and the King's Sons  afinevoice 32:00 Listen PL OK
14 The Legend of Knockgrafton  johnb2 14:19 Listen PL OK
15 Elidore  alanmapstone 6:47 Listen PL OK
16 The Leeching of Kayn's Leg  WardenMajere 54:21 Listen See PL notes
17 How Fin Went to the Kingdom of the Big Men  flokepner 15:07 Listen PL OK
18 How Cormac Mac Art Went to Faery  johnb2 9:47 Listen PL OK
19 The Ridere of Riddles  afinevoice 9:34 Listen PL OK
20 The Tail  JBrous 1:35 Listen PL OK
21 Notes and References  Bookworm360 Assigned