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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Village Teacher  GregGiordano 8:10 Listen PL OK
2 On the Pursuit of Pleasure  GregGiordano 6:13 Listen PL OK
3 For the Rural Magazine  GregGiordano 4:37 Listen PL OK
4 The Desultory Remarker No. 1  GregGiordano 8:34 Listen PL OK
5 Letters of a Citizen to his Friends in the Country, No. II  RMerideth 7:43 Listen PL OK
6 History  maxgal 5:55 Listen PL OK
7 Original Correspondence  GregGiordano 3:57 Listen PL OK
8 Familiar Letters  Steve 13:35 Listen PL OK
9 Treatise on Agriculture, Section II  BrizeCrize 2626 Words Listen PL OK
10 The Moral Plough Boy  silverquill 10:00 Listen PL OK
11 Mr. Nicholson's Prize Essay, continued, Part I  zmambrose 2209 Words (through commence the rotation anew) * Claimed 7/30 Assigned
12 Mr. Nicholson's Prize Essay, continued, Part II  zmambrose 2574 Words (from When we speak of gravelly lands) * Claimed 7/30 Assigned
13 From the National Intelligencer   2821 Words saved for(floridaisy) 8/31 Open
14 A Wild Goose Chase  alanmapstone 1;44 Listen PL OK
15 Imports of Wool into England  BrizeCrize 13:02 Listen PL OK
16 Miscellany, Part I  BettyB 1804 Words (through Price $3 per annum.) 13:43 Listen PL OK
17 Miscellany, Part II  BettyB 1539 Words (from Wolf Bounty) 13:11 Listen PL OK