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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Man Who "Came Back" /FOUR TO THE GOOD   Open
2 Franco-Yanko Romances/CUTE, WASN’T SHE?/EVERY ONE TO HIS TASTE  TomHersant 25:28 (new time) 25:48 time pg 14 claimed 7/26/20 Listen PL OK
3 Trench Superstitions  julianpratley 7:50 pg 25 - ...claimed 7/20/20 Listen PL OK
4 In the Trail of the Hun/SOME STUNT—TRY IT/WHEN THE HUN QUIT SMOKING   pg 30 Open
5 When ''Ace'' Lufbery Bagged No. 13/HORSE AND HORSE/WHY TOMMY JOINED THE CHURCH  TomHersant 13:10 Listen PL OK
6 Life at the Front  Ciufi time 14:16 pg 47...claimed 7/21/20 Listen PL OK
7 The “Fiddler’s Truce” at Arras  Ciufi time 3:26 pg 55...claimed 7/21/20 Listen PL OK
8 Harry Lauder Does His Bit/CAUSE FOR GRIEVANCE/DOUBLY ANNOYING   pg 57 Open
9 King George Under Fire/THE FEMALE STANDARD OF SIZE  adr6090 time 9:52 (new time) pg 63 Listen PL OK
10 Story of Our First Shot/HE KNEW WHAT TO DO/ THAT WAS THE HYMN NUMBER  EltonTheSnowman time 5:25 pg 68 claimed 7/24/20 Listen PL OK
11 Stories from the Front/FUNNY THEY HADN’T MET/NO END TO THE GAME  EltonTheSnowman time 7:16 pg 71 claimed 7/24/20 Listen PL OK
12 Uncle Sam, Detective/DRIVING IS TOO GOOD FOR THEM/NOW THEY DON’T SPEAK   pg 75 Open
13 Didn’t Raise His Boy to Be a “Slacker”/CONSOLING INFORMATION/HE WAS ALL RIGHT   pg 86 Open
14 The 100-Pound Terror of the Air   pg 90 Open
15 The Watch-Dogs of the Trenches/ ALL IN THE SAME COUNTRY  Ciufi time 9:39 pg 96 Listen PL OK
16 General Bell Redeems His Promise/NO GREAT LOSS   8/23/2020 Tajbiha pg 101 Assigned
17 Letters from the Front  Ciufi time 15:15 pg 105 claimed 7/24 Listen PL OK
18 Meet Tommy, D. C. Medal Man  Mooninya pg 114 time 9:46 Listen PL OK
19 German Falcon Killed in Air Duel  alanmapstone pg 119...claimed 7/20/20 5:56 Listen PL OK
20 He Taught the Tank to Prowl and Slay/NOT A SELF-STARTER/TRY IT ON YOUR WIFE/HE WAS GOING AWAY FROM THERE   pg 122 Open
21 Taking Moving Pictures Under Shell-fire/COSTS MORE NOW  Mayah92 pg 128 Assigned
22 Weighty Measures Involving Uncle Sam’s Navy/ NEVER TALK BACK/GOING HOME  ruthema time 8:02 pg 137 Listen PL OK
23 Enlisted Men Tell Why They Joined the Army/ THE NATIONAL GAME  Mayah92 pg 142 Assigned
24 Tommy Atkins, Rain-soaked and War-worn, Still Grins  adr6090 time 7:49 pg 146 Listen PL OK
25 Something New for the Marines/JUDGING BY HIS LETTERS/BLESS THESE AMATEURS/NEW GROUNDS FOR EXEMPTION  TomHersant 16:51 pg 150 Listen PL OK