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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Dedication and Preface  silverquill PL OK
2 Summer of Love  silverquill PL OK
3 Villanelle of Loveland  svonb002 PL OK
4 Thurifer  dhandiR PL OK
5 In a Book-shop  aradlaw PL OK
6 Eadem  julianpratley PL OK
7 In Fairyland  julianpratley PL OK
8 The Sorrows of King Midas  julianpratley PL OK
9 Slender Your Hands  julianpratley PL OK
10 Sleep Song  dhandiR PL OK
11 Love’s Thoroughfare  julianpratley PL OK
12 White Bird of Love  julianpratley PL OK
13 Transfiguration  KevinS PL OK
14 My Lady  dhandiR PL OK
15 Gifts of Shee  kearamarie PL OK
16 Wherever, Whenever  kearamarie PL OK
17 Ballade of My Lady’s Beauty  alanmapstone PL OK
18 Love’s Rosary  silverquill PL OK
19 Tribute  svonb002 PL OK
20 Matin  phdupont PL OK
21 A Valentine  svonb002 PL OK
22 Star of Love  PurpleWeeks PL OK
23 For a Birthday  silverquill PL OK
24 The Use of Night  Jkhoriaty PL OK
25 Alchemy  rtgreen8972 PL OK
26 Wayfarers  vvocelli PL OK
27 With a Mirror  vvocelli PL OK
28 Princess Ballade  Jkhoriaty PL OK
29 Lullaby for a Baby Fairy  vvocelli PL OK
30 George Meredith  alanmapstone PL OK
31 ''And Forbid Them Not''  silverquill PL OK
32 A Dead Poet  dmisen PL OK
33 The Morning Meditations of Frère Hyacinthus  alanmapstone PL OK
34 Villanelle of the Players  alanmapstone PL OK
35 The Mad Fiddler  OooThatsNifty PL OK
36 The Grass in Madison Square  dmisen PL OK
37 Chevely Crossing  alanmapstone PL OK
38 Said the Rose  OooThatsNifty PL OK
39 White Marble and Green Grass  PurpleWeeks PL OK
40 Metamorphosis  svonb002 PL OK
41 Absinthe  alanmapstone PL OK
42 Theology  svonb002 PL OK
43 For a Child  2839reader PL OK
44 To J. B. Y.  2839reader PL OK
45 The King’s Ballad  2839reader PL OK
46 Jesus and the Summer Rain  2839reader PL OK
47 Ballade of Butterflies  rtgreen8972 PL OK
48 The Clouded Sun (To A. S.)  alanmapstone PL OK
49 In Memoriam: Florence Nightingale  rtgreen8972 PL OK
50 Ballad of Three  alanmapstone PL OK
51 Court Musicians  alanmapstone PL OK
52 The Dead Lover  svonb002 PL OK
53 The Poet’s Epitaph  phdupont PL OK
54 The Subway  aradlaw PL OK
55 The Other Lover  OooThatsNifty PL OK
56 Age Comes A-wooing  alanmapstone PL OK
57 Prayer to Bragi  Jkhoriaty PL OK
58 Imitation of Richepin’s Ballade of the Beggars’ King  aradlaw PL OK
59 Love and the Fowler’s Boy  LSKim PL OK
60 The Way of Love  silverquill PL OK