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0 Preface  jpseeger 10:09 Listen PL OK
1 Dawn I Part 1  jpseeger 27:12 Listen PL OK
2 Dawn I Part 2  jpseeger 32:05 Listen PL OK
3 Dawn II Part 1  jpseeger 35:12
@1:10 "Vater Rhein"
Listen PL OK
4 Dawn II Part 2  jpseeger 29:22
4500, from "There were now times of extremely straitened circumstances at home", to "that Fear which Wisdom does in vain preen itself on forgetting or denying—Death."
@8:20 PapA,PapA
Listen PL OK
5 Dawn II Part 3  jpseeger 21:05
3200, from "One day when he was rummaging in a cupboard", to " had he known what thoughts were springing into being in his father's head." claimed 28/8/2020
Listen PL OK
6 Dawn II Part 4  jpseeger 24:05, 3600, from "From that day on Melchior took him to the house of a neighbor" to end claimed 28/8/2020 Listen PL OK
7 Dawn III Part 1  jpseeger 14:43, 2200, until "troubled only by the idea that it must soon come to an end.", claimed 21/10/2020 Listen PL OK
9 Dawn III Part 3  jpseeger 3800, from "Jean-Christophe went home bewildered by his happiness", to "unlike the two Kraffts, father and son, who were free-thinkers, and took care to eat meat on Fridays.", claimed 21/10/2020 Assigned
10 Dawn III Part 4  jpseeger 4700, from "Suddenly, for no apparent reason, Melchior changed his opinion" to end, claimed 21/10/2020 Assigned
11 Morning I Part 1   4600, until "and did not mince his language when he declared that he was not afraid of it." Open
12 Morning I Part 2   3300, from "One summer day, when it was very hot", to "Melchior was singularly ingenious in discovering their hiding-places when they were not there." Open
13 Morning I Part 3   2700, from "Soon that was not enough for him", to "So at fourteen Jean-Christophe became the head of the family." Open
14 Morning I Part 4   3400, from "He stoutly faced his formidable task" to end Open
15 Morning II Part 1   3900, until "and that conviction gained with them when they were alone once more." Open
16 Morning II Part 2   5300, from "They resumed their work of construction more patient and ingenious even than that of the bees", to end Open
17 Morning III Part 1   3200, until "enveloped him, bewildered him, brought him almost to swooning." Open
18 Morning III Part 2   3800, from "He went again two days later, as was arranged, to give Minna a music-lesson", to " How they bored each other!" Open
19 Morning III Part 3   4000, from "One misty morning in March, when little flakes of snow were flying", to "their being has melted away at the touch of love." Open
20 Morning III Part 4   3600, from "It was not long before Frau von Kerich perceived their little intrigue", to "and he tied himself up in a web of guesses as to the reasons for their delay." Open
21 Morning III Part 5   3600, from "One evening one of their neighbors, a friend of his grandfather", to end Open
22 Youth I Part 1   3800, until "and the creaking of a pump worked furiously by some one who was in a hurry to swill the yard and the stairs." Open
23 Youth I Part 2   3000, from "Justus Euler was a little bent old man, with uneasy, gloomy eyes", to "what need has he to seek them outside himself?" Open
24 Youth I Part 3   3000, from "Christophe would probably never have bothered about these questions had he lived alone" to "But the whole balance of his old life was in that moment destroyed." Open
25 Youth I Part 4   3900, from "There was only one person in the family to whom Christophe paid no attention", to "He was in a mighty travail that was like to sweep everything away, a complete upheaval." Open
26 Youth I Part 5   3700, from "Christophe was conscious of extreme weariness and great uneasiness", to end Open
27 Youth II Part 1   4000, until "At night he slept as he had never done." Open
28 Youth II Part 2   3700, from "When he came back from his work he would look into this shop.", to "she felt that he detested them and wished to avenge himself: and she wept bitterly." Open
29 Youth II Part 3   3600, from "So, Christophe, who had suffered so much from injustice", to "At the door she turned and looked at him once more—and disappeared." Open
30 Youth II Part 4   2900, from "Christophe thought he should see her again in the evening", to "of those before us who struggled with death, denied death—and are dead." Open
31 Youth II Part 5   3100, from "He shut himself up in his room", to end Open
32 Youth III Part 1   2900, until " reminding them that they are alive, and making them delight in the savor of their happiness…." Open
33 Youth III Part 2   3300, from "The puffing of the steamer outside the window brought Christophe from his torpor" to "Youth of the heart is like an early feast of sunshine." Open
34 Youth III Part 3   4900, from "Nothing could have brought Christophe closer to Ada", to "We love because we love; there is no need of reasons!…" Open
35 Youth III Part 4   5000, from "After Christophe's quarrel with the Vogels it became impossible for them to stay in the house", to "She no longer existed for him." Open
36 Youth III Part 5   3300, from "Christophe was free of Ada, but he was not free of himself", to end Open
37 Revolt I Part 1   4000, until "and those wild forces which had an altogether different meaning unknown to himself." Open
38 Revolt I Part 2   3300, from "He groped his way, head down, borne on by the contradictory forces warring in him", to "that the first duty of the adolescent who wishes to grow into a healthy man is to sacrifice everything." Open
39 Revolt I Part 3   3900, from "Christophe was passing through that crisis of healthy disgust", to "But she had made up her mind—at the concert—to have her own way." Open
40 Revolt I Part 4   2600, from "The day came. Christophe had no anxiety", to "And just then, at the appointed hour, his star—his evil star—gave him the means of doing so." Open
41 Revolt I Part 5   4700, from "He was sitting in the restaurant of the theater in a group of musician", to "She had the genius of curiosity and boredom." Open
42 Revolt I Part 6   2800, from "And so she looked at Christophe and he looked at her", to "and acted like any of the little middle-class German women whom she despised." Open
43 Revolt I Part 7   4000, from "That experience was short. Christophe lost his illusions about Judith", to "were attacked and caricatured in a way that by dint of repetition came to be like him." Open
44 Revolt I Part 8   4200, from "It would have mattered little to Christophe's friends", to end Open
45 Revolt II Part 1   3800, until "Christophe went home without a thought for the unknown girl, whose name even he had not ascertained." Open
46 Revolt II Part 2   2500, from "Next morning he went to see the actress at the little third-rate hotel", to "She made him promise to come and fetch her during the next afternoon to take the walk they had planned." Open
47 Revolt II Part 3   3300, from "Next day they did almost the same again", to "As if a German could say what is French and what is not." Open
48 Revolt II Part 4   2700, from "French or not, she filled his thoughts", to "But the climax came when he quarreled with his review, two days before the performance." Open
49 Revolt II Part 5   3500, from "The thing was bound to happen", to "With clenched teeth he fought it down and forced it back into himself." Open
50 Revolt II Part 6   4100, from "Next morning he came down as usual", to "What do their ideas or their art matter to me? I deny them!" " Open
51 Revolt II Part 7   3200, from "It is all very fine to deny the world", to "who were not very distinguished in their manners but were simple and gemütlich." Open
52 Revolt II Part 8   3200, from "The Reinharts' little house was gemütlich like themselves", to "Then he smiled, gently kissed her hair, and stole back to his own room." Open
53 Revolt II Part 9   3300, from "He borrowed more and more books from the Reinharts' library", to end Open
54 Revolt III Part 1   4400, until "and accompanied him to the door without a word of suggestion that he should stay or come again." Open
55 Revolt III Part 2   4900, from "Christophe found himself in the street once more, absolutely crushed", to ""It will be fine to-morrow."" Open
56 Revolt III Part 3   4000, from "Schulz went along the road to the town and came to it", to "so as not to be late, and they reached the station just as the train came in." Open
57 Revolt III Part 4   3100, from "At the sight of them a big man threw himself out of the door of a carriage", to "With his hands clasped and his heart big with love he thanked God." Open
58 Revolt III Part 5   4700, from "Christophe was soothed by his day and restored to confidence in himself", to "see things as they are, squarely face his misfortunes,—and laugh." Open
59 Revolt III Part 6   5500, from "Several months passed. Christophe had lost all hope of escaping from the town", to "So he left her—forever." Open
60 Revolt III Part 7   4200, from "An October evening. A pale watery sun", to "She did not think him ridiculous for the moment." Open
61 Revolt III Part 8   5100, from "They looked to the wounded", to end Open