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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Room in the Tower  OooThatsNifty Link to text 31:00 Listen PL OK
3 Gavon's Eve  DomFord Link to text 24:02 Listen PL OK
4 The Confessions of Charles Linkworth  ElizaLou Link to text 36:20 Listen PL OK
5 At Abdul Ali's Grave  Shruti612 Link to text 29:32 Listen PL OK
6 The Shootings of Achnaleish  DeStefano Link to text Assigned
7 How Fear Departed From the Long Gallery  Mooninya Link to text 39:00 Listen PL OK
8 Caterpillars  OooThatsNifty Link to text 19:33 Listen PL OK
9 The Cat  Andrewjames Link to text 33:04 Listen PL OK
10 The Bus-Conductor  DeBug Link to text 19:26 Listen PL OK
11 The Man Who Went Too Far  rafeball Link to text 58:03 Listen PL OK
12 Between the Lights  Alev Link to text 27:47 Listen PL OK
13 Outside the Door  julianpratley Link to text 16:35 Listen PL OK
14 The Terror by Night  OooThatsNifty Link to text 16:58 Listen PL OK
15 The Other Bed  NoelVox Link to text 22:00 Listen PL OK
16 The Thing in the Hall  OooThatsNifty Link to text 26:53 Listen PL OK
17 The House With the Brick-Kiln  susheel02 Link to text 28:07 Listen PL OK