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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 To Denis  ssfellows 1:56 Listen PL OK
1 Mimer the Blacksmith  ssfellows 10:56 Listen PL OK
2 Siegfried wins the Treasure  ssfellows 6:41 Listen PL OK
3 Siegfried comes home  ssfellows 4:34 Listen PL OK
4 Kriemhild's Dream  ssfellows 3:29 Listen PL OK
5 Siegfried journeys to Worms  ssfellows 5:05 Listen PL OK
6 Siegfried's Welcome to Worms  ssfellows 10:37 Listen PL OK
7 Siegfried's Sojourn at Worms  ssfellows 17:19 Listen PL OK
8 Siegfried sees Kriemhild  ssfellows 5:02 Listen PL OK
9 Siegfried goes to Isenland  ssfellows 6:35 Listen PL OK
10 Siegfried subdues Brunhild  ssfellows 8:48 Listen PL OK
11 Siegfried goes to the Cave  ssfellows Assigned
12 The Wedding Feast  ssfellows Assigned
13 Siegfried goes home with Kriemhild  ssfellows Assigned
14 Siegfried and Kriemhild go to Worms  ssfellows Assigned
15 Siegfried is slain  ssfellows Assigned