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0 Foreword, Introductions and Preface  ekortright PL OK
1 Some Errors Removed  ekortright PL OK
2 The Making of the Old Testament  philchenevert PL OK
3 The Church Precedes the New Testament  KevinS PL OK
4 Catholic Church Compiles the New Testament  ekortright PL OK
5 Deficiencies of the Protestant Bible  ekortright PL OK
6 The Originals, and Their Disappearance  ekortright PL OK
7 Variations in the Text Fatal to Protestant Theory  ekortright PL OK
8 Our Debt to the Monks  ekortright PL OK
9 Bible-Reading in the 'Dark Ages'  ekortright PL OK
10 Where Then are the Mediaeval Bibles?  NancyChris PL OK
11 Abundance of Vernacular Scriptures Before Wycliff  ekortright PL OK
12 Why Wycliff Was Condemned  tac107 PL OK
13 Tynsdale's Condemnation Vindicated by Posterity  tac107 PL OK
14 A Deluge of Erroneous Versions  tac107 PL OK
15 The Catholic's Bible (Douai)  KevinS PL OK
16 Conclusion  tac107 PL OK