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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 I  jac18281828 17:54 Listen PL OK
2 II  jac18281828 25:50 Listen PL OK
3 III  sjmarky 28:40 Listen PL OK
4 IV  Grlio 23:22 Listen PL OK
5 V  KARINAPOP653 4400 words Claimed August 28 by KARINAPOP Assigned
6 VI  LiamFricker48 29:52 Listen PL OK
7 VII  jac18281828 43:37 Listen PL OK
8 VIII  TheodenHumphrey 38:36 Listen PL OK
9 IX  jac18281828 33:31 Listen PL OK
10 X  jac18281828 37:37 Listen PL OK
11 XI  TheodenHumphrey 41:43 Listen PL OK
12 XII  TheodenHumphrey 27:07 Listen PL OK
13 XIII  cmiller27 Listen PL OK
14 XIV  cmiller27 38:24 Listen PL OK
15 XV, part 1  Emmar116 5000 words. Please read through the sentence "Over the pool a little ragged cloud torn from the purple robe of the storm floated, arrested and thin like a bit of dark gauze." Claimed July 30 Assigned
16 XV, part 2  Emmar116 5000 words. Please start with "Above at the farm Catherine had heard, too, the ominous mutter and came to the door of the salle." through the end of the chapter. Claimed July 30 Assigned
17 XVI, part 1  TheodenHumphrey 4000 words. Please read from the start of the chapter, including the sentences "β€œI must confess that I got hold accidentally of some curious information,” said Captain Vincent. β€œIt was all a piece of luck.”" 25:03 PL note Listen See PL notes
18 XVI, part 2  TheodenHumphrey 4000 words. Please start with "While the secretary was ripping open with a penknife the cover of the dispatches Lord Nelson took Captain Vincent out into the stern gallery." and read through the end of the chapter. 27:01 Listen PL OK