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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Prefatory Note  brucek PL OK
1 Madrigal  brucek PL OK
2 The Forsaken Merman  brucek PL OK
3 Life  brucek PL OK
4 Song from 'Pippa Passes' 1  brucek PL OK
5 Song from 'Pippa Passes' 2  brucek PL OK
6 The Lost Mistress  brucek PL OK
7 Home-Thoughts, from the Sea  brucek PL OK
8 Epilogue  brucek PL OK
9 The Silver Tassie  brucek PL OK
10 Of a' the Airts  brucek PL OK
11 John Anderson my Jo  brucek PL OK
12 Ae Fond Kiss  brucek PL OK
13 Ye Flowery Banks  brucek PL OK
14 A Red, Red Rose  brucek PL OK
15 Mary Morison  brucek PL OK
16 She Walks in Beauty  brucek PL OK
17 Oh! Snatched Away in Beauty's Bloom  brucek PL OK
18 Song from 'The Corsair'  brucek PL OK
19 Song from 'Don Juan'  brucek PL OK
20 Hohenlinden  brucek PL OK
21 Say not the Struggle Nought Availeth  brucek PL OK
22 Youth and Age  brucek PL OK
23 Written in the Year 1746  brucek PL OK
24 To a Young Lady  brucek PL OK
25 A Wet Sheet and a Flowing Sea  brucek PL OK
26 Song  brucek PL OK
27 A Song for St. Cecilia's Day, 1687  brucek PL OK
28 Song  brucek PL OK
29 Elegy written in a Country Church-yard  brucek PL OK
30 To R. T. H. B.  brucek PL OK
31 I. M. Margaritae Sorori  brucek PL OK
32 Virtue  brucek PL OK
33 To the Virgins, to make much of Time  brucek PL OK
34 To Anthea, who may command him anything  brucek PL OK
35 The Death Bed  brucek PL OK
36 The Bridge of Sighs  brucek PL OK
37 I Remember, I Remember  brucek PL OK
38 To Celia  brucek PL OK
39 On first looking into Chapman's Homer  brucek PL OK
40 Ode to a Nightingale  brucek PL OK
41 Ode on a Grecian Urn  brucek PL OK
42 To Autumn  brucek PL OK
43 Ode on Melancholy  brucek PL OK
44 La Belle Dame sans Merci  brucek PL OK
45 Sonnet  brucek PL OK
46 The Old Familiar Faces  brucek PL OK
47 The Maid's Lament  brucek PL OK
48 To Lucasta. Going to the Wars  brucek PL OK
49 On the Morning of Christ's Nativity  brucek PL OK
50 L'Allegro  brucek PL OK
51 Il Penseroso  brucek PL OK
52 Lycidas  brucek PL OK
53 On his Blindness  brucek PL OK
54 The Land o' the Leal  brucek PL OK
55 Ode on Solitude  brucek PL OK
56 The Night before his Death  brucek PL OK
57 A Wish  brucek PL OK
58 Sonnet XVII. Who will believe my verse?  brucek PL OK
59 Sonnet XVIII. Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?  brucek PL OK
60 Sonnet XXX. When to the sessions  brucek PL OK
61 Sonnet XXXIII. Full many a glorious morning  brucek PL OK
62 Sonnet LX. Like as the waves  brucek PL OK
63 Sonnet LXVI. Tired with all these  brucek PL OK
64 Sonnet LXXI. No longer mourn  brucek PL OK
65 Sonnet LXXIII. That time of year  brucek PL OK
66 Sonnet LXXIV. But be contented  brucek PL OK
67 Sonnet CVI. When in the chronicle  brucek PL OK
68 Sonnet CXVI. Let me not to the marriage  brucek PL OK
69 Song from 'The Tempest'  brucek PL OK
70 Song from 'Measure for Measure'  brucek PL OK
71 Song from 'Much Ado about Nothing'  brucek PL OK
72 Song from 'Cymbeline'  brucek PL OK
73 Song from 'Prometheus Unbound'  brucek PL OK
74 Ode to the West Wind  brucek PL OK
75 The Cloud  brucek PL OK
76 To a Skylark  brucek PL OK
77 Chorus from 'Hellas'  brucek PL OK
78 Stanzas. Written in Dejection, near Naples  brucek PL OK
79 The Indian Serenade  brucek PL OK
80 To --  brucek PL OK
81 To Night  brucek PL OK
82 Song from 'Ajax and Ulysses'  brucek PL OK
83 Stanzas  brucek PL OK
84 Requiem  brucek PL OK
85 Song from 'The Miller's Daughter'  brucek PL OK
86 St. Agnes' Eve  brucek PL OK
87 Break, break, break  brucek PL OK
88 Song from 'The Princess' 1  brucek PL OK
89 Song from 'The Princess' 2  brucek PL OK
90 Crossing the Bar  brucek PL OK
91 On a Girdle  brucek PL OK
92 Song  brucek PL OK
93 She dwelt among the untrodden ways  brucek PL OK
94 She was a Phantom of delight  brucek PL OK
95 Sonnet XXXIII. The world is too much with us  brucek PL OK
96 Sonnet XXXVI. Earth has not anything  brucek PL OK
97 To a Highland Girl, at Inversneyde, upon Loch Lomond  brucek PL OK
98 The Solitary Reaper  brucek PL OK
99 Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood  brucek PL OK
100 On his Mistress, the Queen of Bohemia  brucek PL OK