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0 Narrator (N)  benderca Please complete by Sept 22 (ext. x1):

DP, Ch 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11

PL OK: Ch 8
2 Emma Jane Perkins (F)
13-year-old; Rebecca's best friend, somewhat timid (sings)
 Unicorn Please complete by Sept 22 (ext. x1):

Ch 1, 2, 11
4 Abner Simpson (M)
a father; ne'er-do-well, thief, has a change of heart in the end (speaks in dialect)
 GilmoreDon Please complete by Sept 29 (ext. x1):

Ch 5, 6, 9
5 Persis Watson (F)
girl (sings)
 msandquist Please complete by July 31:

Ch 2, 3
6 Voice 1 (M)
  Ch 2, 5 Open
7 Voice 2 (N)
 MustelaFuro Please complete by Aug 18:

Ch 2, 5
9 Mrs. Burbank (F)  bhavya Please complete by Sept 6:

Ch 5, 6
10 Clara Belle Simpson (F)
girl; poor, Aunt Miranda doesn't approve of her, though described as "well-behaved"
 Twinkle88 Please complete by Sept 22 (ext. x1):

Ch 8, 9
11 Lizy Ann Dennett (F)
woman; tries to be a good neighbor, yet not very compassionate
 MustelaFuro Please complete by Aug 18:

Ch 1
12 Candace Miliken (F)
girl (sings)
  Ch 2 Open
13 Dick Carter (M)
  Ch 3 Open
14 Linda Rowenetta's Father (M)
character in one of Rebecca's stories
  Ch 3 Open
15 Edgewood Minister (M)
described as having a "full vibrant voice that was able to move a crowd"
  Ch 6 Open
16 Elisha Simpson (M)
boy; very timid, described by Rebecca as a "nice little boy"
 DiegoT Please complete by Aug 16:

See PL notes (p. 20): Ch 7
See PL notes
17 Bill Peters (M)
hired man at the Came farm; somewhat self-centered
 Salvationist Please complete by Sept 30:

Ch 7
20 Lorenzo de Medici Randall (M)
Rebecca's father; somewhat of a dandy
 GilmoreDon Please complete by July 22:

See PL notes (p. 20): Ch 10
See PL notes
22 Dramatis Personae  bhavya DP Lines & Character List

Editing Note: Please use Abijah Flagg's Ch 4 voice credit
23 First Chronicle: Jack O'Lantern  bhavya First Chronicle Text
Emma Jane, Jane, Lizy Ann, Miranda, Mr. Perkins, Narrator, Rebecca, Sarah
24 Second Chronicle: Daughters of Zion  bhavya Second Chronicle Text
Abijah, Alice, Candace, Emma Jane, Jacob, Narrator, Persis, Rebecca, Rev. Burch, Thirza, Voice 1, Voice 2, Voice 3, Voice 4
25 Third Chronicle: Rebecca's Thought Book  bhavya Third Chronicle Text
Adam, Alice, Aurelia, Dick, Jeremiah, Mr. Watson, Lancelot, Linda Rowenetta, Linda Rowenetta's Father, Narrator, Persis, Rebecca
26 Fourth Chronicle: A Tragedy in Millinery  bhavya Fourth Chronicle Text
Abijah, Miranda, Narrator, Rebecca
27 Fifth Chronicle: The Saving of the Colors  bhavya Fifth Chronicle Text
Abner, Judson, Miranda, Miss Dearborn, Mrs. Baxter, Mrs. Burbank, Mrs. Fogg, Mrs. Meserve, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Smellie, Narrator, Rebecca, Voice 1, Voice 2, Voice 3
28 Sixth Chronicle: The State O' Maine Girl  bhavya Sixth Chronicle Link
Abner, Alice, Dr. Moses, Edgewood Minister, Jane, Jeremiah, Miranda, Miss Dearborn, Mr. Perkins, Mr. Watson, Mrs. Burbank, Mrs. Meserve, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Smellie, Narrator, Rebecca, Sarah, Superintendent
29 Seventh Chronicle: The Little Prophet  bhavya Seventh Chronicle Text
Bill, Cassius, Dr. Moses, Elisha, Hannah, Jane, Miranda, Mr. Watson, Mrs. Baxter, Narrator, Rebecca
30 Eighth Chronicle: Abner Simpson's New Leaf  bhavya Eighth Chronicle Text
Adam, Clara Belle, Jane, Miranda, Narrator, Rebecca
31 Ninth Chronicle: The Green Isle  bhavya Ninth Chronicle Text
Abner, Clara Belle, Dr. Moses, Mrs. Simpson, Narrator, Rebecca, Voice 4
32 Tenth Chronicle: Rebecca's Reminiscences  bhavya Tenth Chronicle Text
Abijah, Adam, Aurelia, Jeremiah, Judson, Mr. Randall, Narrator, Rebecca
33 Eleventh Chronicle: Abijah the Brave and the Fair Emmajane  bhavya Eleventh Chronicle Text
Abijah, Adam, Alice, Emma Jane, Jimmy, Narrator, Rebecca
34 Abijah Flagg  alanmapstone Ch 2, Ch 4, Ch 10, Ch 11 PL OK
35 Adam Ladd  WillNuessle Ch 3, Ch 8, Ch 10, Ch 11 PL OK
36 Alice Robinson  jennlea Ch 2, Ch 3, Ch 6, Ch 11 PL OK
37 Aurelia Randall  AlongsideMom Ch 3, Ch 10 PL OK
38 Cassius Came  Andrewjames Ch 7 PL OK
39 Dr. Moses  OooThatsNifty Ch 6, Ch 7, Ch 9 PL OK
40 Jacob Moody  Seaquill Ch 2 PL OK
41 Jane Sawyer  rieyrules Ch 1, Ch 6, Ch 7, Ch 8 PL OK
42 Judson Baxter  julianpratley Ch 5, Ch 10 PL OK
43 Lancelot Littlefield  Salvationist Ch 3 PL OK
44 Linda Rowenetta  BLNEW Ch 3 PL OK
45 Miss Dearborn  HannahMary Ch 5, Ch 6 PL OK
46 Miranda Sawyer  stoogeswoman Ch 1, Ch 4, Ch 5, Ch 6, Ch 7, Ch 8 PL OK
47 Mr. Perkins  reecedawg Ch 1, Ch 6 PL OK
48 Mr. Watson  Seaquill Ch 3, Ch 6, Ch 7 PL OK
49 Mrs. Baxter  memarsh Ch 5, Ch 7 PL OK
50 Mrs. Fogg  rieyrules Ch 5 PL OK
51 Mrs. Meserve  Ambsweet13 Ch 5, Ch 6 PL OK
52 Mrs. Robinson  Clairvoyant94 Ch 5, Ch 6 PL OK
53 Mrs. Smellie  HannaPonomarenko Ch 5, Ch 6 PL OK
54 Rev. Burch  Salvationist Ch 2 PL OK
55 Sarah Cobb  mightyfelix Ch 1, Ch 6 PL OK
56 Superintendent  Salvationist Ch 6 PL OK
57 Thirza Meserve  BLNEW Ch 2 PL OK
58 Voice 3  Pianolil Ch 2, Ch 5 PL OK