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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 I. Some Stories of British History told from English Words  Kalamareader 22:32 Listen PL OK
2 II. How we got our Christian Names and Surnames  Ipsita0301 4100 words (claimed 5/17, PM 6/30) Assigned
3 III. Stories in the Names of Places  Kudrna 17:38 2900 words Listen PL OK
4 IV. New Names for New Places  EthanV 24:59 Listen PL OK
5 V. Stories in Old London Names  ColleenMc 18:38 Listen PL OK
6 VI. Words made by Great Writers  cabettison 15:42 Listen PL OK
7 VII. Words the Bible has given us  Ezekiel 12:17 Listen PL OK
8 VIII. Words from the Names of People  cabettison 18:33 Listen PL OK
9 IX. Words from the Names of Animals  maxgal 2200 words (claimed 5/15) Assigned
10 X. Words from the Names of Places  tcjsavannah 16:23 Listen PL OK
11 XI. Pictures in Words  k3inP 3400 words (claimed 5/23) Assigned
12 XII. Words from National Character  Kalamareader 16:17 Listen PL OK
13 XIII. Words made by War  BettyB 13.57 Listen PL OK
14 XIV. Proverbs  k3inP 11:03 Listen PL OK
15 XV. Slang  KevinS 19:21 Listen PL OK
16 XVI. Words which have changed their Meaning  RuthP 35:14 Listen PL OK
17 XVII. Different Words with the Same Meaning, and the Same Words with Different Meanings  Ezekiel 20:58 Listen PL OK
18 XVIII. Nice Words for Nasty Things  maxgal 1400 words (claimed 5/15) Assigned
19 XIX. The Moral of these Stories  quasimoir 1900 words (claimed 5/24) Assigned