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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 An old Friend  Keratak PL OK
2 Ragnall Castle  Keratak PL OK
3 Allan Gives His Word  Keratak PL OK
4 Through the Gates  Keratak PL OK
5 The Wager  Keratak PL OK
6 The Doom of the Boat  Keratak PL OK
7 Bes Steals the Signet  Keratak PL OK
8 The Lady Amada  Keratak PL OK
9 The Messengers  Keratak PL OK
10 Shabaka Plights His Troth  Keratak PL OK
11 The Holy Tanofir  Keratak PL OK
12 The Slaying of Idernes  Keratak PL OK
13 Amada Returns to Isis  Keratak PL OK
14 Shabaka Fights the Crocodile  Keratak PL OK
15 The Summons  Keratak PL OK
16 Tanofir Finds His Broken Cup  Keratak PL OK
17 The Battle - and After  Keratak PL OK