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0 Letter of Presentation, Commission Members  silverquill PL OK
1 Executive Summary  silverquill PL OK
2 I. The President’s Charge and the Commission’s Approach  silverquill PL OK
3 II. The State of Cybersecurity and a Vision for the Future  ToddHW PL OK
4 III. Imperatives, Recommendations, and Action Items  ToddHW PL OK
5 Imperative 1: Protect, Defend, and Secure Today’s Information Infrastructure and Digital Networks, Part 1  commonsparrow3 PL OK
6 Imperative 1, Part 2  commonsparrow3 PL OK
7 Imperative 1, Part 3  commonsparrow3 PL OK
8 Imperative 2: Innovate and Accelerate Investment for the Security and Growth of Digital Networks and the Digital Economy  jdgibson PL OK
9 Imperative 3: Prepare Consumers to Thrive in a Digital Age  jdgibson PL OK
10 Imperative 4: Build Cybersecurity Workforce Capabilities  jdgibson PL OK
11 Imperative 5: Better Equip Government to Function Effectively and Securely in the Digital Age  commonsparrow3 PL OK
12 Imperative 6: Ensure an Open, Fair, Competitive, and Secure Global Digital Economy; IV. Next Steps  commonsparrow3 PL OK
13 Appendix 1: Imperatives, Recommendations, and Action Items  Jen0631 PL OK
14 Appendix 4: Executive Order 13718  ColleenMc PL OK
15 Appendix 5: Cybersecurity Policy Overview  ColleenMc PL OK
16 Appendix 6: Cybersecurity Legislation Overview  ColleenMc PL OK