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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Call of Cooked Meat  LiamFricker48 PL OK
2 The Fire Demon  LiamFricker48 PL OK
3 The Crack in the Earth  LiamFricker48 PL OK
4 The First Camp Fire  AndrewConnolly PL OK
5 In Which the Wolf Becomes Dog  AndrewConnolly PL OK
6 At Bay with the Wolf Pack  dchao PL OK
7 A Captive of the Tree People  LiamFricker48 PL OK
8 Scar Face the Terrible  LiamFricker48 PL OK
9 Sacrificed to Sabre Tooth  AndrewConnolly PL OK
10 In the Dark of the Night  LiamFricker48 PL OK
11 Fire  LiamFricker48 PL OK
12 Stolen Flames  LiamFricker48 PL OK
13 The Wrath of the Fire Monster  LiamFricker48 PL OK
14 The Python's Coils  vvocelli PL OK
15 Smothering Darkness  LiamFricker48 PL OK
16 Wab is Cared For  AndrewConnolly PL OK
17 The Fire Lighter  AndrewConnolly PL OK
18 Gog's Treachery  vvocelli PL OK
19 Gog Passes On  LiamFricker48 PL OK