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1 Book 1, Part 1:The Invocation; Spring Ploughing; Treatment of the Land; Irrigation; The Beginnings of Agriculture  LucyK PL OK
2 Book 1, Part 2: Tools and Tasks; Ancient Maxims; Star-Lore; Appropriate Times for Tasks  cavaet PL OK
3 Book 1, Part 3: Storms; The Worship Of Ceres; Weather Signs; The Portents At Julius Caesar’s Death; A Prayer for Augustus’s Success  shreyasethi PL OK
4 Book 2, Part 1: Methods of Propagation; The Labour Required; Treatment Of Individual Species; The Effects of Climate and Location; A Celebration of Italy  KevinB PL OK
5 Book 2, Part 2: The Nature of Various Soils; The Recognition of Soil Types; Planting A Vineyard  LucyK PL OK
6 Book 2, Part 3: Care of The Vineyard; A Wealth of Trees And Plants; The Joys Of The True Life  LucyK PL OK
7 Book 3, Part 1: Introduction; Breeding Stock  cavaet PL OK
8 Book 3, Part 2: Care of the Sire and Dam; Care of Calves and Foals; The Dangers of Desire  cavaet PL OK
9 Book 3, Part 3: The Care of Sheep and Goats; The Herdsmen of Africa and Scythia; Tending the Flocks  cavaet PL OK
10 Book 3, Part 4: The Treatment of Diseases; The Plague  cavaet PL OK
11 Book 4, Part 1: Introduction; Location and Maintenance of the Apiary; The Fighting Swarms; The Surrounding Garden  pschempf PL OK
12 Book 4, Part 2: The Nature and Qualities of Bees; Gathering The Honey; Disease in Bees; Autogenesis of Bees  pschempf PL OK
13 Book 4, Part 3: Aristaeus And His Mother Cyrene; The Capture of Proteus  pschempf PL OK
14 Book 4, Part 4: Orpheus and Eurydice; Aristaeus Sacrifices to Orpheus; Virgil’s Envoi  pschempf PL OK