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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Preface and Introduction  MrsHand PL OK
1 Transformed  MrsHand PL OK
2 Struggles and Temptations  MrsHand PL OK
3 Jerry Becomes a Missionary  MrsHand PL OK
4 Trials and Triumphs  MrsHand PL OK
5 Water Street As It Was  MrsHand PL OK
6 More About Water Street  MrsHand PL OK
7 Trophies of Grace  MrsHand PL OK
8 A Mistake and What Came of It  MrsHand PL OK
9 Evil Schemes Frustrated  MrsHand PL OK
10 The Cremorne Mission  MrsHand PL OK
11 Another Chapter of Testimonies  MrsHand PL OK
12 Called Home  MrsHand PL OK
13 On the Old Spot  MrsHand PL OK
14 Characteristic Sketches and Personal Recollections of Jerry McAuley  MrsHand PL OK
15 Recollections - Continued  MrsHand PL OK
16 Mr. Hatch's Recollections - Concluded  MrsHand PL OK
17 Every Evening in Water Street  MrsHand PL OK
18 Water Street Meeting - Concluded  MrsHand PL OK
19 Jerry McAuley's Cremorne mission  MrsHand PL OK
20 Jerry as a Journalist and Correspondent  MrsHand PL OK