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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Kinkytails Go To School  Shasta PL OK
2 Jumpo and the Cocoanut  Shasta PL OK
3 The Kinkytails Make a Pudding  Shasta PL OK
4 Jacko and the Peanuts  Shasta PL OK
5 Jumpo and the Ice Cream  Shasta PL OK
6 Jacko and the Paper Bag  Shasta PL OK
7 Jumpo and the Green Parrot  Shasta PL OK
8 The Kinkytails and the Bear  Shasta PL OK
9 The Kinkytails at Hide and Seek  Shasta PL OK
10 Jumpo and Uncle Wiggily  Shasta PL OK
11 Jumpo and Susie Littletail  Shasta PL OK
12 Jacko and the Little Mouse  Shasta PL OK
13 Papa Kinkytail and Mr. Gander  Shasta PL OK
14 Jumpo and the Chestnut Burr  Shasta PL OK
15 Jacko and the Roast Chestnuts  Shasta PL OK
16 The Kinkytails Make Money  Shasta PL OK
17 The Kinkytails Spend Money  Shasta PL OK
18 Jumpo and Jacko in the Auto  Shasta PL OK
19 Jumpo and the Roast Marshmallows  Shasta PL OK
20 Jacko and the Busy Bee  Shasta PL OK
21 Jacko and the Grape Vine  Shasta PL OK
22 Jacko Does Some Tricks  Shasta PL OK
23 Jumpo and the Paper Cup  Shasta PL OK
24 The Kinkytails Blow Bubbles  Shasta PL OK
25 Jacko and the Paper Chain  Shasta PL OK
26 The Kinkytails and the Cricket  Shasta PL OK
27 The Kinkytails and the Doll's House  Shasta PL OK
28 Jacko and the Train of Cars  Shasta PL OK
29 Jumpo and His Airship  Shasta PL OK
30 Jumpo and the Talcum Powder  Shasta PL OK
31 How Jacko Washed the Dishes  Shasta PL OK