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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Introduction  silverquill PL OK
1 The Chimpanzee  jigraves PL OK
2 The Gorilla, The Orang-utang, The Gibbons  tommack PL OK
3 The Dog-Shaped Monkeys  FraserP PL OK
4 The Guerezas and Guenons, The Macaques, The Baboons  FraserP PL OK
5 The Speech of Monkeys, The New-World Monkeys  LoganLore PL OK
6 The Lemurs, The True Lemurs  shashankjakhmola PL OK
7 The Galagos, The Slow Lemurs or Lorises, and Tarsiers, The Aye-Aye  shashankjakhmola PL OK
8 The Cat-Tribe, The Lion, The African Lion  julianpratley PL OK
9 The Tiger  mightyfelix PL OK
10 Leopards  shashankjakhmola PL OK
11 The New World Cats, The Jaguar, The Puma, The Ocelot  shashankjakhmola PL OK
12 Other Wild Cats  LCantoni PL OK
13 The Common Wild Cat  LCantoni PL OK
14 The Lynxes, The Cheeta  alg1001 PL OK
15 The Domestic Cat  mightyfelix PL OK
16 The Fossa, The Civets and Genets, The Mongoose and Ichneumon Family  acousticwave PL OK
17 The Meerkats or Suricates  shashankjakhmola PL OK
18 The Hyænas and Aard-Wolf  shashankjakhmola PL OK
19 The Dog Family, The Wolf  yatsuatari PL OK
20 The Coyote, or Prairie Wolf  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
21 The Jackal, The Maned Wolf, The Wild Dog of Africa, The Indian Wild Dog, The Dingo  dvandervis PL OK
22 The Foxes, The Fennecs  Kitty PL OK
23 Domestic Dogs  StevenW PL OK
24 The Bear, The Common Brown Bear, The Grizzly Bear, The American Brown Bear, The Syrian Bear  shashankjakhmola PL OK
25 The American Black Bear, The Indian Sloth-bear, The Malayan Sun-bear, The Polar Bear  shashankjakhmola PL OK
26 The Raccoon Family, The Raccoon, The Coatis,The Pandas and Kinkajou, The Sea-Otter, The Skunks, The Badgers, The Ratels  JudeSomers PL OK
27 The Weasel Tribe, The Martens, The Sable, The Mink, The Polecat, The Weasel, The Stoat or Ermine, The Glutton or Wolverine  dvandervis PL OK
28 Marine Carnivora, The Eared Seals, or Sea-lions, The Fur-seals, The Hair-Seals  BetsyWalker PL OK
29 The Walrus, The True Seals, The Common Seal  MDoorkeeper PL OK
30 The Rodents or Gnawing Mammals, The Squirrels  MaryAnnSpiegel PL OK
31 The Prairie Dogs and Marmots, The Beaver, The Dormice  dvandervis PL OK
32 The Mouse Tribe, The Hamsters, The Voles, The Typical Rats and Mice, The Bandicoots, The Gophers, The Jerboas, Springhaas and Jumping Mice  dvandervis PL OK
33 The Octodon Family, The Porcupines, Viscachas and Chinchillas, The Agutis and Pacas, The Cavies, Pikas, Hares and Rabbits  Kitty PL OK
34 The Bats and Insect-Eating Mammals, The Fruit Bats, Insect-Eating Bats, The Cobego, Shrews, Hedgegos and Tenrecs, The Moles  dvandervis PL OK
35 The Elephant  RuthP PL OK
36 Tapirs and Hyrax  silverquill PL OK
37 The Rhinoceros  danenhower PL OK
38 The Horse Tribe, Zebras and Wild Asses  tommack PL OK
39 Domesticated Horses, Asses and Mules  tommack PL OK
40 The Hollowed-Horn Ruminants, British Park-Cattle, and The Aurochs, Some Domesticated Cattle, Wild Oxen, The Gaur, The Gayal, The Banting  Nettle PL OK
41 The Yak, The Bison, The Buffaloes, The Tamarau and Anoa, The Musk-Ox  bwaring PL OK
42 The Sheep, The European Moufflon, The Argalis, The Bighorn Sheep of America and Kamchatka, The Oorial, The Barbary Sheep, Aoudad, or Arui  bwaring PL OK
43 Domesticated Sheep, English Breeds of Sheep  RuthP PL OK
44 The Goats, Wild Goats, The Ibex, The Markhor, The Tahr, The Nilgiri Tahr, or Nilgiri Ibex, Rocky Mountain Goat  kcarp PL OK
45 The Antelopes, The Hartebeests, Bontebok and Blesbok Group, The Gnus, The Smaller Bucks, The Klipspringer  acousticwave PL OK
46 The Waterbucks, The Blackbuck of India, The Gazelles  mischiefmanaged PL OK
47 The Sable Antelope, The Oryx, The Bushbucks, The Inyala,The Sitatunga  aviolaVO PL OK
48 The Greater Kudu and the Lesser Kudu, The Eland  aviolaVO PL OK
49 The Giraffe and Okapi  jigraves PL OK
50 The Deer Tribe, The Reindeer, The Elk, or Moose, Red Deer  StevenW PL OK
51 The Maral and Kashmir Stag, Wapiti, Bokhara Deer, Sikas, Fallow Deer  GodsDreamer PL OK
52 The Sambar, or Rusine Deer, Other Typical Deer  GodsDreamer PL OK
53 The Muntjacs, Tufted Deer, Water-deer, Roe Deer, Père David's Deer  acousticwave PL OK
54 The American Deer, The Musk-deer  LCantoni PL OK
55 The Camel Tribe And The Chevrotains, The True Camel, The Bactrian Camel, The Llamas, The Vicuña, The Guanaco, The Llama, The Alpaca, The Chevrotains  StevenW PL OK
56 The Pig Tribe, The True Pigs, The Babirusa, The Wart-hogs, The Peccaries  tommack PL OK
57 The Hippopotamus  csinclair PL OK
58 The Dugong, Manatees, Whales, Porpoises, And Dolphins  maxgal PL OK
59 The Sloths, The Anteaters  StevenW PL OK
60 Armadillos, The Pichiciago, The Peludo, The Pangolin, The Aardvark  StevenW PL OK
61 Marsupials, The Kangaroo  bwaring PL OK
62 The Phalangers, The Koala  julianpratley PL OK
63 The Typical Phalangers, The Opossums  retzel PL OK
64 The Cuscuses, The Wombat, The Bandicoot  Kikisaulite PL OK
65 The Pouched Mole, The Tasmanian Wolf, The Tasmanian Devil, The Native Cats, The Pouched Mice, The Banded Ant-Eater  Kikisaulite PL OK
66 The American Opossums, The Selva  Kikisaulite PL OK
67 Monotremes, Or Egg-Laying Mammals, The Echidna, The Platypus  Kikisaulite PL OK