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1 Elizabeth signing the death warrant of Mary, Queen of Scots, by Julius Schrader, German painter 1815-1900, painting frontispiece  Kitty PL OK
2 England Part I: The Stuart Kings: Historical note  Kitty PL OK
3 King James I and his goldsmith (between 1603 and 1624), by Sir Walter Scott  neecheelok70 PL OK
4 The gunpowder plot (1605), by David Hume  neecheelok70 PL OK
5 A charge with prince Rupert (1643), by Thomas Wentworth Higginson  JulieB3 PL OK
6 Sir Nicholas at Marston Moor (1644), by Winthrop Mackworth Praed  NemoR PL OK
7 The battle of Naseby by Obadiah Bind-their-kings-in-chains-and-their-nobles-with-links-of-iron, sergeant in Ireton's regiment (1645), by Thomas Babington Macaulay  Kikisaulite PL OK
8 Charles I insulted by soldiers, by Paul Delaroche, French painter 1797-1856, painting p. 46  eringrassie PL OK
9 England Part II: The rule of Oliver Cromwell: Historical note  eringrassie PL OK
10 The trial and execution of king Charles I (1649), by Jacob Abbott  neecheelok70 PL OK
11 Cromwell in Whitehall, by Julius Schrader, Germany, 1815-1900, painting p. 60  eringrassie PL OK
12 A royalist description of Cromwell's men, by Samuel Butler  NemoR PL OK
13 How Cromwell dissolved parliament (1653), by Fran├žois Pierre Guillaume Guizot  ColleenMc PL OK
14 Praise-God Barebone's parliament (1653), by Edward, Earl of Clarendon  ColleenMc PL OK
15 Cromwell visiting Milton, by David Neal, American artist 1837, painting p. 74  eringrassie PL OK
16 England Part III: From the Restoration to the House of Hanover: Historical note  eringrassie PL OK
17 In the days of the plague (1665), by Daniel Defoe  Kitty PL OK
18 The fall of ''King Monmouth'' (1685), by Charles Dickens  ColleenMc PL OK
19 The song of the western men (1688), by Robert Stephen Hawker  alanmapstone PL OK
20 James II receiving the news of the landing of the Prince of Orange, by Edward Mathew Ward, English artist 1816-1879, painting p. 92  eringrassie PL OK
21 A campaign under Marlborough, by William Makepeace Thackeray  JulieB3 PL OK
22 The government in quest of a poet, by William Makepeace Thackeray  neecheelok70 PL OK
23 Sunday with Sir Roger, by Joseph Addison  ColleenMc PL OK
24 England Part IV: England under the first three Georges: Historical note  eringrassie PL OK
25 The vicar of Bray, by Author unknown  JenniferFour PL OK
26 The ''Bubbles'' of the reign of King George I (1720), by Charles Mackay  JenniferFour PL OK
27 When George II became king, by William Makepeace Thackeray  WiltedScribe PL OK
28 The funeral of George II (1760), by Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford  Bloater51 PL OK
29 Dr. Johnson in the anteroom of Lord Chesterfield, by E. M. Ward, English artist 1816-1879, painting p. 136  eringrassie PL OK
30 William Pitt and the Stamp Act (1766), by George Bancroft  Kikisaulite PL OK
31 The quarrel of Squire Bull and his son (1775 to 1783), by James Kirke Paulding  Kikisaulite PL OK
32 A maid of honor at the court of George III (1786), by Madame d'Arblay  neecheelok70 PL OK
33 The royal visit to Oxford (1786), by Madame d'Arblay  neecheelok70 PL OK
34 England Part V: The Napoleonic wars: Historical note  eringrassie PL OK
35 The battle of the Baltic (101), by Thomas Campbell  WiltedScribe PL OK
36 Trafalgar (1805), by William C. Bennett  WiltedScribe PL OK
37 The burial of Sir John Moore (1809), by Charles Wolfe  alanmapstone PL OK
38 Wellington's march from Quatre-Bras to Waterloo, by Ernest Crofts, English painter 1847, painting p. 174  eringrassie PL OK
39 Just before Waterloo (1815), by William Makepeace Thackeray  chulsky PL OK
40 Waterloo (1815), by Douglas Brooke Wheelton Sladen  adr6090 PL OK
41 ''Scotland forever !'', by Lady Butler (Elizabeth Thompson), English artist 1844, painting p. 186  mightyfelix PL OK
42 England Part VI: The last hundred years in England: Historical note  eringrassie PL OK
43 When Victoria became Queen (1837), by Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield  RuthP PL OK
44 The charge of the light brigade (1854), by Alfred, Lord Tennyson  alanmapstone PL OK
45 Balaclava, by Lady Butler (Elizabeth Thompson), English artist 1844, painting p. 194  eringrassie PL OK
46 Santa Filomena (1854-1856), by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow  neecheelok70 PL OK
47 Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881), by L. F. Jennings  Bloater51 PL OK
48 Gladstone's fight for home rule (1893), from the Atlantic Monthly  KevinS PL OK
49 The latest English revolution (1911), from the Outlook  WiltedScribe PL OK
50 The coronation of George V (1911), by Sydney Brooks  Bloater51 PL OK
51 Scotland Part I: Ballads and legends of Early Scotland: Historical note  Kitty PL OK
52 Legends of St. Columba (563 ?), by Adamnan, ninth abbot of the Ionian Monastery  Kikisaulite PL OK
53 The murder of King Duncan (1040), by William Shakespeare  ToddHW alanmapstone moniaqua catharmaiden Kitty WiltedScribe neecheelok70 SaraHale adr6090 mightyfelix bluechien NemoR adrianstephens PL OK
54 The invasion of the Norsemen (1263), by Charles Mackay  ToddHW PL OK
55 Sir Patrick Spens, an old ballad  mightyfelix PL OK
56 Scotland Part II: Two Scottish heroes: Historical note  mightyfelix PL OK
57 The capture of William Wallace (1305), by Jane Porter  Availle PL OK
58 The coronation of Robert Bruce (1306), by Grace Aguilar  Availle PL OK
59 Bruce at Bannockburn (1314), by P. Hume Brown  JT68 PL OK
60 Scots wha hae, by Robert Burns  alanmapstone PL OK
61 Scotland Part III: To the death of Mary: Historical note  SaraHale PL OK
62 The bier-right (latter part of the fourteenth century), by Sir Walter Scott  JT68 PL OK
63 How the Scots lived while James I was king (1422-1437), by P. Hume Brown  Piotrek81 PL OK
64 On the Field of Flodden (1513), by Sir Walter Scott  neecheelok70 PL OK
65 Edinburgh after Flodden Field (1513), by William E. Aytoun  Hopeforce1 PL OK
66 ''The goodman of Ballangiech'' (between 1513 and 1542), by Sir Walter Scott  Piotrek81 PL OK
67 John Knox preaching before the lords of the congregation, by Sir David Wilkie, English artist 1785-1841, painting p. 334  WiltedScribe PL OK
68 The flight of Mary, Queen of Scots, to England (1568), by Sir Walter Scott  Availle PL OK
69 Sacking a church in the time of John Knox, by John Prescott Knight, English artist 1803-1881, painting p. 336  adr6090 PL OK
70 The fate of Mary, Queen of Scots (1587), by Sir Walter Scott  JenniferFour PL OK
71 Scotland Part IV: A century of unrest: Historical note  SaraHale PL OK
72 Why Jenny Geddes threw her stool at the dean, by ''Grace Greenwood'' (Sara J. Lippincott)  adr6090 PL OK
73 Gathering song of Donald the Black, by Sir Walter Scott  Kitty PL OK
74 The execution of Montrose (1650), by William E. Aytoun  NemoR PL OK
75 The burial march of Dundee (1689), by William E. Aytoun  WiltedScribe PL OK
76 The massacre of Glencoe (1692), by P. Hume Brown  WiltedScribe PL OK
77 A rescue at the battle of Prestonpans (1745), by Sir Walter Scott  neecheelok70 PL OK
78 The order of release, by Sir John Everett Millais, English painter 1829-1896, painting p. 388  Kitty PL OK
79 How Flora MacDonald saved Prince Charlie (1745), by Charles Sanford Terry  Jmbau13 PL OK
80 Ireland Part I: The golden age of Erin: Historical note  Jmbau13 PL OK
81 Oisin in Tir na n-Og, an Irish folk-story  Jmbau13 PL OK
82 The chase of Slieve Cullinn, an old Irish legend  JT68 PL OK
83 The story of St. Patrick (fifth century), by Patrick Weston Joyce  mightyfelix PL OK
84 The ''island of saints and scholars'', (seventh and eighth centuries), by Patrick Weston Joyce  Piotrek81 PL OK
85 O'Rourke's tower and great cross, Clonmacnoise, photograph p. 434  Kitty PL OK
86 The book of Kells (seventh century), by Charles Johnston and Carita Spencer  moniaqua PL OK
87 How Brian Boru held the ford of Tribute (941), by E. S. Brooks  adrianstephens PL OK
88 Ireland Part II: Six centuries of oppression: Historical note  WiltedScribe PL OK
89 The house of the Geraldines, by Justin H. McCarthy  adr6090 PL OK
90 The Geraldines, by Thomas Davis  KevinS PL OK
91 The vengeance of Cromwell (1649), by Oliver Cromwell  WiltedScribe PL OK
92 After the rebellion of 1641 (1653), by Mrs. E. M. Field  neecheelok70 PL OK
93 The siege of Londonderry (1689), by Thomas Babington Macaulay  neecheelok70 PL OK
94 The battle of the Boyne (1690), by Thomas Babington Macaulay  neecheelok70 PL OK
95 The wearin' o' the Green (1798)  alanmapstone PL OK
96 Emmet's grave, by Justin F. McCarthy  alanmapstone PL OK
97 The harp that once through Tara's halls, by Thomas Moore  WiltedScribe PL OK
98 Ireland Part III: Ireland and her people: Historical note  SaraHale PL OK
99 The ''Grand Canal Hotel'', by Charles Lever  neecheelok70 PL OK
100 An Irish school (early part of the nineteenth century), by Gerald Griffin  neecheelok70 PL OK
101 The winning back of the land (1808-1903), by Charles Johnston and Carita Spencer  neecheelok70 PL OK
102 An Irish cottage, photograph p. 544  SaraHale PL OK
103 The Irish people (twentieth century), by Katharine Tynan  KevinS PL OK
104 Wales Part I: Legends of Wales: Historical note  Kitty PL OK
105 King Arthur, by Bessie Raynor Parkes  alanmapstone PL OK
106 The dream of Maxen Wledig, from the Mabinogion  jasonb PL OK
107 Beth Gelert; or the grave of the greyhound (about 1220), by William Robert Spencer  neecheelok70 PL OK
108 The wearing of leek, an old song translated from the Welsh, by Henry Davies  alanmapstone PL OK
109 Wales Part II: Stories of the Welsh rebellions: Historical note  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
110 How the Welsh kept the Christmas of 1115, by Sabine Baring-Gould  adrianstephens PL OK
111 ''When the eighteen fell'' (1282), by Owen Rhoscomyl  PatrS PL OK
112 The rebellion of Owen Glyndwr (1402-1415), by Owen Rhoscomyl  alanmapstone PL OK
113 The march of the men of Harlech (1468), national Cambrian war-song; translated by John Oxenford  alanmapstone PL OK
114 How a Welshman became king of England (1485), by Owen Rhoscomyl  pschempf PL OK
115 Wales Part III: Scenes of Welsh life: Historical note  Kitty PL OK
116 The Eisteddfod, by Jeannette Marks  BriannaChiles PL OK