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1 Elizabeth signing the death warrant of Mary, Queen of Scots, by Julius Schrader, German painter 1815-1900, painting frontispiece  Kitty 2:37 Listen PL OK
2 England Part I: The Stuart Kings: Historical note  Kitty 2:21 Listen PL OK
3 King James I and his goldsmith (between 1603 and 1624), by Sir Walter Scott  neecheelok70 27:34 Listen PL OK
4 The gunpowder plot (1605), by David Hume  neecheelok70 7:50 Listen PL OK
5 A charge with prince Rupert (1643), by Thomas Wentworth Higginson  JulieB3 p. 24 / 14 pages / (Full LV Disclaimer) / claimed 10 Mar Assigned
6 Sir Nicholas at Marston Moor (1644), by Winthrop Mackworth Praed  NemoR 6:00 Listen PL OK
7 The battle of Naseby by Obadiah Bind-their-kings-in-chains-and-their-nobles-with-links-of-iron, sergeant in Ireton's regiment (1645), by Thomas Babington Macaulay  Kikisaulite 6:08 Listen PL OK
8 Charles I insulted by soldiers, by Paul Delaroche, French painter 1797-1856, painting p. 46  eringrassie 2:46 Listen PL OK
9 England Part II: The rule of Oliver Cromwell: Historical note  eringrassie 2:31 Listen PL OK
10 The trial and execution of king Charles I (1649), by Jacob Abbott  neecheelok70 22:25 Listen PL OK
11 Cromwell in Whitehall, by Julius Schrader, Germany, 1815-1900, painting p. 60  eringrassie 0:50 Listen PL OK
12 A royalist description of Cromwell's men, by Samuel Butler  NemoR 2:24 Listen PL OK
13 How Cromwell dissolved parliament (1653), by Fran├žois Pierre Guillaume Guizot  ColleenMc 9:42 Listen PL OK
14 Praise-God Barebone's parliament (1653), by Edward, Earl of Clarendon  ColleenMc 9:02 Listen PL OK
15 Cromwell visiting Milton, by David Neal, American artist 1837, painting p. 74  eringrassie 1:56 Listen PL OK
16 England Part III: From the Restoration to the House of Hanover: Historical note  eringrassie 2:31 Listen PL OK
17 In the days of the plague (1665), by Daniel Defoe  Kitty 12:28 Listen PL OK
18 The fall of ''King Monmouth'' (1685), by Charles Dickens  ColleenMc 11:02 Listen PL OK
19 The song of the western men (1688), by Robert Stephen Hawker  alanmapstone 2:36 Listen PL OK
20 James II receiving the news of the landing of the Prince of Orange, by Edward Mathew Ward, English artist 1816-1879, painting p. 92  eringrassie 1:46 Listen PL OK
21 A campaign under Marlborough, by William Makepeace Thackeray  JulieB3 19:07 Listen PL OK
22 The government in quest of a poet, by William Makepeace Thackeray  neecheelok70 24:56 Listen PL OK
23 Sunday with Sir Roger, by Joseph Addison  ColleenMc 5:41 Listen PL OK
24 England Part IV: England under the first three Georges: Historical note  eringrassie 1:53 Listen PL OK
25 The vicar of Bray, by Author unknown  JenniferFour 4:23 Listen PL OK
26 The ''Bubbles'' of the reign of King George I (1720), by Charles Mackay  JenniferFour 9:45 Listen PL OK
27 When George II became king, by William Makepeace Thackeray  WiltedScribe 2:50 Listen PL OK
28 The funeral of George II (1760), by Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford  Bloater51 4:52 Listen PL OK
29 Dr. Johnson in the anteroom of Lord Chesterfield, by E. M. Ward, English artist 1816-1879, painting p. 136  eringrassie 2:40 Listen PL OK
30 William Pitt and the Stamp Act (1766), by George Bancroft  Kikisaulite 9:03 Listen PL OK
31 The quarrel of Squire Bull and his son (1775 to 1783), by James Kirke Paulding  Kikisaulite 7:32 Listen PL OK
32 A maid of honor at the court of George III (1786), by Madame d'Arblay  neecheelok70 10:32 Listen PL OK
33 The royal visit to Oxford (1786), by Madame d'Arblay  neecheelok70 16:14 Listen PL OK
34 England Part V: The Napoleonic wars: Historical note  eringrassie 2:06 Listen PL OK
35 The battle of the Baltic (101), by Thomas Campbell  WiltedScribe p. 165 / 3 pages / (Full LV Disclaimer) / claimed 16 Jan - extended deadline till 16 Apr Assigned
36 Trafalgar (1805), by William C. Bennett  WiltedScribe p. 168 / 5 pages / (Full LV Disclaimer) / claimed 16 Jan - extended deadline till 16 Apr Assigned
37 The burial of Sir John Moore (1809), by Charles Wolfe  alanmapstone 2:55 Listen PL OK
38 Wellington's march from Quatre-Bras to Waterloo, by Ernest Crofts, English painter 1847, painting p. 174  eringrassie 1:58 Listen PL OK
39 Just before Waterloo (1815), by William Makepeace Thackeray  chulsky 18:34 Listen PL OK
40 Waterloo (1815), by Douglas Brooke Wheelton Sladen  adr6090 5:29 Listen PL OK
41 ''Scotland forever !'', by Lady Butler (Elizabeth Thompson), English artist 1844, painting p. 186  mightyfelix 1:31 Listen PL OK
42 England Part VI: The last hundred years in England: Historical note  eringrassie 2:48 Listen PL OK
43 When Victoria became Queen (1837), by Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield  RuthP 6:53 Listen PL OK
44 The charge of the light brigade (1854), by Alfred, Lord Tennyson  alanmapstone 2:21 Listen PL OK
45 Balaclava, by Lady Butler (Elizabeth Thompson), English artist 1844, painting p. 194  eringrassie 1:45 Listen PL OK
46 Santa Filomena (1854-1856), by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow  neecheelok70 3:57 Listen PL OK
47 Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881), by L. F. Jennings  Bloater51 14:40 Listen PL OK
48 Gladstone's fight for home rule (1893), from the Atlantic Monthly  KevinS 9:21 Listen PL OK
49 The latest English revolution (1911), from the Outlook  WiltedScribe p. 213 / 3 pages / (Full LV Disclaimer) / claimed 16 Jan - extended deadline till 16 Apr Assigned
50 The coronation of George V (1911), by Sydney Brooks  Bloater51 19:58 Listen PL OK
51 Scotland Part I: Ballads and legends of Early Scotland: Historical note  Kitty 2:03 Listen PL OK
52 Legends of St. Columba (563 ?), by Adamnan, ninth abbot of the Ionian Monastery  Kikisaulite 11:59 Listen PL OK
53 The murder of King Duncan (1040), by William Shakespeare  ToddHW alanmapstone moniaqua catharmaiden Kitty WiltedScribe neecheelok70 SaraHale adr6090 mightyfelix bluechien NemoR adrianstephens 37:27 Listen PL OK
54 The invasion of the Norsemen (1263), by Charles Mackay  ToddHW 12:08 Listen PL OK
55 Sir Patrick Spens, an old ballad  mightyfelix 4:43 Listen PL OK
56 Scotland Part II: Two Scottish heroes: Historical note  mightyfelix 2:05 Listen PL OK
57 The capture of William Wallace (1305), by Jane Porter  Availle 11:11 Listen PL OK
58 The coronation of Robert Bruce (1306), by Grace Aguilar  Availle 25:21 Listen PL OK
59 Bruce at Bannockburn (1314), by P. Hume Brown  JT68 9:44 Listen PL OK
60 Scots wha hae, by Robert Burns  alanmapstone 2:07 Listen PL OK
61 Scotland Part III: To the death of Mary: Historical note  SaraHale 2:06 Listen PL OK
62 The bier-right (latter part of the fourteenth century), by Sir Walter Scott  JT68 12:30 Listen PL OK
63 How the Scots lived while James I was king (1422-1437), by P. Hume Brown  Piotrek81 10:38 Listen PL OK
64 On the Field of Flodden (1513), by Sir Walter Scott  neecheelok70 6:27 Listen PL OK
65 Edinburgh after Flodden Field (1513), by William E. Aytoun  Hopeforce1 7:04 Listen PL OK
66 ''The goodman of Ballangiech'' (between 1513 and 1542), by Sir Walter Scott  Piotrek81 9:09 Listen PL OK
67 John Knox preaching before the lords of the congregation, by Sir David Wilkie, English artist 1785-1841, painting p. 334  WiltedScribe p. 334 / 1 page / claimed 16 Jan - extended deadline till 16 Apr Assigned
68 The flight of Mary, Queen of Scots, to England (1568), by Sir Walter Scott  Availle 27:35 Listen PL OK
69 Sacking a church in the time of John Knox, by John Prescott Knight, English artist 1803-1881, painting p. 336  adr6090 2:20 Listen PL OK
70 The fate of Mary, Queen of Scots (1587), by Sir Walter Scott  JenniferFour 15:41 Listen PL OK
71 Scotland Part IV: A century of unrest: Historical note  SaraHale 2:59 Listen PL OK
72 Why Jenny Geddes threw her stool at the dean, by ''Grace Greenwood'' (Sara J. Lippincott)  adr6090 12:04 Listen PL OK
73 Gathering song of Donald the Black, by Sir Walter Scott  Kitty 3:13 Listen PL OK
74 The execution of Montrose (1650), by William E. Aytoun  NemoR 2:42 Listen PL OK
75 The burial march of Dundee (1689), by William E. Aytoun  WiltedScribe 4:48 Listen PL OK
76 The massacre of Glencoe (1692), by P. Hume Brown  WiltedScribe 4:50 Listen PL OK
77 A rescue at the battle of Prestonpans (1745), by Sir Walter Scott  neecheelok70 11:29 Listen PL OK
78 The order of release, by Sir John Everett Millais, English painter 1829-1896, painting p. 388  Kitty 1:46 Listen PL OK
79 How Flora MacDonald saved Prince Charlie (1745), by Charles Sanford Terry  Jmbau13 17:21 Listen PL OK
80 Ireland Part I: The golden age of Erin: Historical note  Jmbau13 3:24 Listen PL OK
81 Oisin in Tir na n-Og, an Irish folk-story  Jmbau13 25:03 Listen PL OK
82 The chase of Slieve Cullinn, an old Irish legend  JT68 14:41 Listen PL OK
83 The story of St. Patrick (fifth century), by Patrick Weston Joyce  mightyfelix 15:52 Listen PL OK
84 The ''island of saints and scholars'', (seventh and eighth centuries), by Patrick Weston Joyce  Piotrek81 8:24 Listen PL OK
85 O'Rourke's tower and great cross, Clonmacnoise, photograph p. 434  Kitty 1:59 Listen PL OK
86 The book of Kells (seventh century), by Charles Johnston and Carita Spencer  moniaqua 3:53 Listen PL OK
87 How Brian Boru held the ford of Tribute (941), by E. S. Brooks  adrianstephens 27:38 Listen PL OK
88 Ireland Part II: Six centuries of oppression: Historical note  WiltedScribe p. 454 / 1 page / claimed 16 Jan - extended deadline till 16 Apr Assigned
89 The house of the Geraldines, by Justin H. McCarthy  adr6090 7:24 Listen PL OK
90 The Geraldines, by Thomas Davis  KevinS 5:15 Listen PL OK
91 The vengeance of Cromwell (1649), by Oliver Cromwell  WiltedScribe 2:54 Listen PL OK
92 After the rebellion of 1641 (1653), by Mrs. E. M. Field  neecheelok70 25:59 Listen PL OK
93 The siege of Londonderry (1689), by Thomas Babington Macaulay  neecheelok70 23:12 Listen PL OK
94 The battle of the Boyne (1690), by Thomas Babington Macaulay  neecheelok70 16:09 Listen PL OK
95 The wearin' o' the Green (1798)  alanmapstone 3:05 Listen PL OK
96 Emmet's grave, by Justin F. McCarthy  alanmapstone 2:23 Listen PL OK
97 The harp that once through Tara's halls, by Thomas Moore  WiltedScribe 1:21 Listen PL OK
98 Ireland Part III: Ireland and her people: Historical note  SaraHale 2:42 Listen PL OK
99 The ''Grand Canal Hotel'', by Charles Lever  neecheelok70 23:19 Listen PL OK
100 An Irish school (early part of the nineteenth century), by Gerald Griffin  neecheelok70 16:26 Listen PL OK
101 The winning back of the land (1808-1903), by Charles Johnston and Carita Spencer  neecheelok70 16:28 Listen PL OK
102 An Irish cottage, photograph p. 544  SaraHale 1:59 Listen PL OK
103 The Irish people (twentieth century), by Katharine Tynan  KevinS 9:49 Listen PL OK
104 Wales Part I: Legends of Wales: Historical note  Kitty 1:20 Listen PL OK
105 King Arthur, by Bessie Raynor Parkes  alanmapstone 2:28 Listen PL OK
106 The dream of Maxen Wledig, from the Mabinogion  jasonb 14:28 Listen PL OK
107 Beth Gelert; or the grave of the greyhound (about 1220), by William Robert Spencer  neecheelok70 6:52 Listen PL OK
108 The wearing of leek, an old song translated from the Welsh, by Henry Davies  alanmapstone 3:09 Listen PL OK
109 Wales Part II: Stories of the Welsh rebellions: Historical note  knotyouraveragejo 1:54 Listen PL OK
110 How the Welsh kept the Christmas of 1115, by Sabine Baring-Gould  adrianstephens 13:46 Listen PL OK
111 ''When the eighteen fell'' (1282), by Owen Rhoscomyl  PatrS 9:11 Listen PL OK
112 The rebellion of Owen Glyndwr (1402-1415), by Owen Rhoscomyl  alanmapstone 6:22 Listen PL OK
113 The march of the men of Harlech (1468), national Cambrian war-song; translated by John Oxenford  alanmapstone 3:37 Listen PL OK
114 How a Welshman became king of England (1485), by Owen Rhoscomyl  pschempf 12:59 Listen PL OK
115 Wales Part III: Scenes of Welsh life: Historical note  Kitty 1:56 Listen PL OK
116 The Eisteddfod, by Jeannette Marks  BriannaChiles 24:02 Listen PL OK