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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Anne of Green Gables  GraceBuchanan PL OK
2 Anthem  GraceBuchanan PL OK
3 The Age of Big Business - Industrial America at the End of the Civil War (Chronicles of America Series Volume 39) 1919  BettyB PL OK
4 Cur Deus Homo  Soupy PL OK
5 Eight Cousins or The Aunt Hill  NishthaRocks PL OK
6 Elements of Political Economy  Soupy PL OK
7 Herland  GraceBuchanan PL OK
8 In the Valley  brucek PL OK
9 The Life and Letters of Hamilton W. Mabie  BettyB PL OK
10 A Passage to India  KevinS PL OK
11 Prevailing Prayer  silverquill PL OK
12 The Romantic Story of the Puritan Fathers: And Their Founding of New Boston and the Massachusetts Bay Colony  KevinS PL OK
13 Longinus on the Sublime  Soupy PL OK
14 Obras Escogidas  hayduo PL OK
15 Paris Vistas  Anitazz PL OK
16 The Red Hand of Ulster  Horner94 PL OK
17 Siddhartha An Indian Tale  GraceBuchanan PL OK
18 Thomas Andrews Shipbuilder  Horner94 PL OK
19 The World's Great Capitals of Today -Montreal, Quebec, Melbourne and Sydney From With the World's Great Travellers 1901  BettyB PL OK
20 Youth’s Way  KevinS PL OK