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1 Introduction, Table Manners—I, Table Manners—II, Cleanliness, Neatness, Courtesy, Generosity, Consideration, Miss Manners, Borrowing, Memory  LittlePeanut PL OK
2 Books, Honesty, "Why?", Bed-Time, Modesty, Disfiguration, Bravery, Tidiness, Patience Fortitude, George Adolphus  LittlePeanut PL OK
3 Politeness, Gentleness, Hospitality, Pets, Remember, Curiosity, Willy, Clothes, Helpfulness, Quietness, Order  LittlePeanut PL OK
4 Teasing, Interruption, Cry-Baby, Caution, Tardiness, Obedience, Church Headaches, Perseverance, Doll-Time, Combing and Curling, Cheerfulness  LittlePeanut PL OK