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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Across the Ocean; or, a Boy's First Voyage: Chapter II  KevinS PL OK
2 What the Boys and Girls Played Two Thousand Years Ago; Garden Lore; The Robber Bluebird; Dreaming  KevinS PL OK
3 Champion  KathrynP PL OK
4 The Little Ships of the Water Streets; The Great Lily's Mission  KathrynP PL OK
5 The Mishaps of an Arab Gentleman; The Hippopotamus  KathrynP PL OK
6 The Cat's-Meat Man  silverquill PL OK
7 My Tartar  KathrynP PL OK
8 Biddy O'Dolon: Chapter IV  draco35 PL OK
9 Alice's Question; The Care of Parrots; Pencil Drawing, No. 2  rmd2001 PL OK
10 Our Post-Office Box  BettyB PL OK
11 Advertising; The Tramp Puzzle; A Personation: Who Am I?  BettyB PL OK