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1 E Supremi (On the Restoration of All things in Christ) October 4, 1903  silverquill Link to text 30:21 Listen PL OK
2 Ad Diem Illum Laetissimum (On the Immaculate Conception) February 2, 1904  KevinS Link to text 40:31 Listen PL OK
3 Iucunda Sane (On Pope Gregory the Great) March 12, 1904  icequeen Link to text 45:47 Listen PL OK
4 Acerbo Nimis (On Teaching Christian Doctrine) April 15, 1905  icequeen Link to text 29:50 Listen PL OK
5 Extracts from Il Fermo Proposito (On Catholic Social Action) June 11, 1905  KevinS Link to text 31:18 Listen PL OK
6 Vehementer Nos (On the French Law of Separation) February 11, 1906  Plodmore Link to text 38:37 Listen PL OK
7 Tribus Circiter (On the Mariavites: Mystic Priests of Poland) April 5, 1906  andreabertelli Link to text 14:20 Listen PL OK
8 Pieni L’animo (On the Clergy in Italy) July 28, 1906  Gregg Link to text 17:13 Listen PL OK
9 Gravissimo Officii Munere (On French Associations of Worship) August 10, 1906  kmasters Link to text 12:12 Listen PL OK
10 Une Fois Encore (On the Separation of Church and State) January 6, 1907  Algy Pug Link to text 20:38 Listen PL OK
11 Communium Rerum (On St. Anselm of Aosta) April 21, 1909, Part 1  Plodmore 45:32 Link to text (5854 Words) Read till: "...because God in His goodness is wont to bring to perfection good intentions and good effort, and to reward them with blessed plenitude" Listen PL OK
12 Communium Rerum (On St. Anselm of Aosta) April 21, 1909, Part 2  Plodmore 43:06 Link to text (5641 Words) Start at: "These and similar admonitions, most wise and holy, given by Anselm even to the lords and kings of the world..." Listen PL OK
13 Editae Saepe (On St. Charles Borromeo) May 26, 1910  Plodmore Link to text 1:12:23 Listen PL OK
14 Iamdudum (On the Law of Separation in Portugal) May 24, 1911  Algy Pug Link to text 18:59 Listen PL OK
15 Lacrimabili Statu (On the Indians of South America) June 7, 1912  silverquill Link to text 11:16 Listen PL OK