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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Preface and Introduction  TriciaG PL OK
2 Origin of Christmas  JulieB3 PL OK
3 Coincident Festivals  JulieB3 PL OK
4 Names of Christmas  JulieB3 PL OK
5 Use of Evergreens  Jmbau13 PL OK
6 Holly and Ivy  Jmbau13 PL OK
7 Laurel, Rosemary, Fir, etc.  Jmbau13 PL OK
8 Mistletoe  Jmbau13 PL OK
9 Placing and Removing Evergreens  Jmbau13 PL OK
10 Christmas Ghosts  Maeve PL OK
11 Christmas Tales  johnb2 PL OK
12 Christmas Music - The Waits  johnb2 PL OK
13 Old Christmas Hymns  Lmnei PL OK
14 Christmas Carols  Lmnei PL OK
15 Origin of Carols  Lmnei PL OK
16 The Oldest English Carols  Lmnei PL OK
17 Legendary, Mystical, and Modern Carols  Lmnei PL OK
18 Use of Carols  Lmnei PL OK
19 Church Observances - Advent  KevinS PL OK
20 Church Observances - Christmas Bells  KevinS PL OK
21 Church Observances - Midnight Mass  KevinS PL OK
22 Nativity Plays  johnb2 PL OK
23 The Praesepio  johnb2 PL OK
24 Cradle-Rocking: The Posada, etc.  johnb2 PL OK
25 The Children's Christmas  johnb2 PL OK
26 Puritan Hostility to Christmas  johnb2 PL OK
27 Mumming  KevinS PL OK
28 Hodening, Schimmel, etc.  Jaimiechurch95 PL OK
29 Wassailing  Jaimiechurch95 PL OK
30 Christmas Eve  Jaimiechurch95 PL OK
31 The Yule Log  BettyB PL OK
32 Christmas Candles  Veggrower PL OK
33 The Christmas Feast  TriciaG PL OK
34 The Boar's Head  johnb2 PL OK
35 Christmas Sports  BettyB PL OK
36 Masking  Chrisbloom PL OK
37 The Lord of Misrule  KevinS PL OK
38 Yule-Firth: ''Unthrifty Folk''  TriciaG PL OK
39 Christmas Gifts - Santa Claus, etc.  BettyB PL OK
40 The Christmas Sheaf  goldfwish PL OK
41 The Christmas Tree  goldfwish PL OK
42 The Christmas Ship  johnb2 PL OK
43 Christmas Boxes  BettyB PL OK
44 Christmas Cards, etc.  TriciaG PL OK
45 Family Reunions - The Children's Day  johnb2 PL OK
46 Miscellaneous Christmas Superstitions, etc.  TriciaG PL OK
47 Yule-tide in Thule  TriciaG PL OK
48 Subsidiary Festivals  LCaulkins PL OK
49 New Year's Eve - Hagmena  Jmbau13 PL OK
50 Old Christmas Eve: Wassailing Trees  Jmbau13 PL OK
51 Epiphany  Jmbau13 PL OK
52 Twelfth Night  Jmbau13 PL OK
53 Feast of Fools, or of The Ass  Lmnei PL OK
54 Plough Monday, etc.  Lmnei PL OK
55 Candlemas  Lmnei PL OK
56 Epilogue  Lmnei PL OK