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1 Chapter 1: The Things That Matter; The Confession; Work; The Jilted Lover to His Mother; The Will to Live; and The Beatific Vision.  Annalisa56 PL OK
2 Chapter 2: Mummy Wheat; The Beech Tree; In Absence; Silence; Raison D'Etre; Then Onlooker; The Tree of Knowledge; At Parting; Song; and Renunciation.  Annalisa56 PL OK
3 Chapter 3: The Veil of Maya; Song; To Vera, Who Asked For a Song; The Poet to His Love; The Maiden's Prayer; Song; The Magic Flower; La Dernier Robe de Soi; The Least Possible; En Tout Cas; Appeal; St. Valentine's Day; Chagrin D'Amour; Bridal Eve; Love and Life; and From the Italian.  Annalisa56 PL OK
4 Chapter 4: "Out of the Fulness of the Heart the Mouth Speaketh"; Summer Song; The Lower Room; Song; and May Song.  Annalisa56 PL OK
5 Chapter 5: To Iris; To a Child (Rosamund); Birthday Talk for a Child (Iris); To Rosamund; From the Tuscan; and Mother Song.  Annalisa56 PL OK
6 Chapter 6: The Island; Possession; Accession; The Destroyer; The Egoists; The Way of Love; To One Who Pleaded for Candour in Love; The Enchanted Garden; The Poor Man's Guest; In the Shallows; "And the Rains Descended and the Floods Came"; and The Star.  Annalisa56 PL OK
7 Chapter 7: The Prodigal Son; Despair; The Temptation; Second Nature; and De Profundis.  Annalisa56 PL OK
8 Chapter 8: At the Gate; Via Amoris; Retro Sathanas; The Old Dispensation; The New Dispensation; and In Three Kings.  Annalisa56 PL OK
9 Chapter 9: After Death; Chloe; Invocation; The Last Betrayal; A Prayer for the King's Majesty; True Love and New Love; Death; In Memory of Saretta Deakin; and A Parting.  Annalisa56 PL OK