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0 Prefatory note  unreadpages PL OK
1 Lecture 1: The Problem of Hysteria  unreadpages PL OK
2 Lecture 2: Monoideic Somnambulisms  unreadpages PL OK
3 Lecture 3: Fugues and Polyideic Somnambulisms  unreadpages PL OK
4 Lecture 4: Double Personalities  unreadpages PL OK
5 Lecture 5: Convulsive Attacks, Fits of Sleep, Artificial Somnambulisms  unreadpages PL OK
6 Lecture 6: Motor Agitations - Contractures  unreadpages PL OK
7 Lecture 7: Paralyses - Diagnosis  unreadpages PL OK
8 Lecture 8: The Psychological Conception of Paralyses and Anesthesias  unreadpages PL OK
9 Lecture 9: The Troubles of Vision  unreadpages PL OK
10 Lecture 10: The Troubles of Speech  unreadpages PL OK
11 Lecture 11: The Disturbances of Alimentation  unreadpages PL OK
12 Lecture 12: The Tics of Respiration and Alimentation  unreadpages PL OK
13 Lecture 13: The Hysterical Stigmata - Suggestibility  unreadpages PL OK
14 Lecture 14: The Hysterical Stigmata - the Retraction of the Field of Consciousness - the Common Stigmata  unreadpages PL OK
15 Lecture 15: General Definitions  unreadpages PL OK