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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Trouble Brewing  KevinS Listen Assigned
2 Challenged and Hazed  KevinS 14:24 Listen See PL notes
3 The Blow  KevinS 10:05 Listen PL OK
4 The Fight  KevinS 12:36 Listen PL OK
5 The Finish  KevinS 9:24 Listen PL OK
6 A Fresh Council  KevinS 11:54 Listen PL OK
7 A Surprise  KevinS 16:52 Listen PL OK
8 The 'Roast' at East Rock  KevinS 16:20 Listen PL OK
9 The Duel  KevinS 7:57 Listen PL OK
10 At Morey's  KevinS 18:11 Listen See PL notes
11 'Lambda Chi!'  KevinS 16:41 Listen PL OK
12 Freshman Against Sophomore  KevinS 16:12 Listen PL OK
13 Jubilant Freshmen  KevinS 7:24 Listen PL OK
14 The Rush  KevinS 13:43 Listen PL OK
15 On the Ball Field  KevinS 13:18 Listen PL OK
16 To Break an Enemy's Wrist  KevinS 21:08 Listen PL OK
17 Talking it Over  KevinS 16:05 Listen PL OK
18 Merriwell and Rattleton  KevinS 11:31 Listen PL OK
19 Who is the Traitor?  KevinS 16:00 Listen See PL notes
20 A Hot Chase  KevinS 7:29 Listen PL OK
21 Roast Turkey  KevinS 9:59 Listen PL OK
22 A Surprise for Frank  KevinS Assigned
23 The Yale Spirit  KevinS Assigned
24 Gordon Expresses Himself  KevinS Assigned
25 The Traitor Discovered  KevinS Assigned
26 The Race  KevinS Assigned
27 A Change of Pitchers  KevinS Assigned
28 The Game Grows Hotter  KevinS Assigned
29 The End of the Game  KevinS Assigned
30 Rattleton is Excited  KevinS Assigned
31 What Ditson Wanted  KevinS Assigned
32 Ditson is Trapped  KevinS Assigned
33 'Play Ball'  KevinS Assigned
34 A Hot Finish  KevinS Assigned