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1 Introduction  silverquill PL OK
2 Part 1: Americans Speak on Immigration. Chapter 1a: The Commission's Hearings  KevinS PL OK
3 Part 1, Chapter 1b  KevinS PL OK
4 Part 2: Immigration and the American Way of Life. Chapter 2a: Immigration and the American Economy  PhyllisV PL OK
5 Part 2, Chapter 2b  PhyllisV PL OK
6 Part 2, Chapter 3a: Immigration and Our Foreign Policy  PhyllisV PL OK
7 Part 2, Chapter 3b  PhyllisV PL OK
8 Part 2, Chapter 3c  PhyllisV PL OK
9 Part 3: A Unified Quota System. Chapter 4: The Annual Immigration Quota  commonsparrow3 PL OK
10 Part 3, Chapter 5: National Origins System—Background  commonsparrow3 PL OK
11 Part 3, Chapter 6: National Origins System—Assumptions  commonsparrow3 PL OK
12 Part 3, Chapter 7: National Origins System—Operation  commonsparrow3 PL OK
13 Part 3, Chapter 8: National Origins System—Suggestions to the Commission  commonsparrow3 PL OK
14 Part 3, Chapter 9: A Unified Quota System—The Commission's Recommendation  commonsparrow3 PL OK
15 Part 4: Administration of the Law. Chapter 10a: The Administrative Agency  commonsparrow3 PL OK
16 Part 4, Chapter 10b  commonsparrow3 PL OK
17 Part 4, Chapter 11a: Fair Hearing and Procedure  commonsparrow3 PL OK
18 Part 4, Chapter 11b  commonsparrow3 PL OK
19 Part 4, Chapter 11c  commonsparrow3 PL OK
20 Part 4, Chapter 11d  andyglover PL OK
21 Part 5: Other Major Aspects. Chapter 12a: The Admission of Aliens  Ciufi PL OK
22 Part 5, Chapter 12b  Ciufi PL OK
23 Part 5, Chapter 13a: The Deporation of Aliens  Ciufi PL OK
24 Part 5, Chapter 13b  Ciufi PL OK
25 Part 5, Chapter 14: Relief in Deportation Cases  pmchaffie PL OK
26 Part 5, Chapter 15a: Security Protections  pmchaffie PL OK
27 Part 5, Chapter 15b  andyglover PL OK
28 Part 5, Chapter 16a: Citizenship  pmchaffie PL OK
29 Part 5, Chapter 16b  pmchaffie PL OK
30 Part 5, Chapter 17: Additional Matters for Consideration  andyglover PL OK
31 Part 6: Conclusions and Recommendations. Chapter 18: Conclusions  silverquill PL OK
32 Appendix I-II: Additional Views of Adrian S. Fisher. Order Creating the Commission.  silverquill PL OK
33 Appendix III: The President's Veto Message  silverquill PL OK