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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Dagon  JudasEscargot PL OK
2 A Dead Secret  TonyPS214 PL OK
3 His Dead Wife's Photograph  ColleenMc PL OK
4 The Empty House  EliHinze PL OK
5 The Fakeer's Drum  Newgatenovelist PL OK
6 The Ghost of Dr. Harris  ryfink PL OK
7 The Haunted House in Charnwood Forest  Veggrower PL OK
8 In a Haunted House  RobMarland PL OK
9 At Her Beck and Call  Newgatenovelist PL OK
10 In A Cup of Tea  TonyPS214 PL OK
11 Last Scene of All  Grothmann PL OK
12 Man Overboard!  maxgal PL OK
13 The Man with the Gash  topaz420 PL OK
14 Memory  Grothmann PL OK
15 A moth  wigglylizard PL OK
16 Mother And Child  Grothmann PL OK
17 The Phantom Hag  Grothmann PL OK
18 Staley Fleming's Hallucination  Grothmann PL OK
19 The Tarn  rafeball PL OK
20 Yuki-Onna  TonyPS214 PL OK