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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 In A Cup of Tea  TonyPS214 06:35 Listen PL OK
2 Yuki-Onna  TonyPS214 09:23 Listen PL OK
3 A Dead Secret  TonyPS214 06:09 Listen PL OK
4 The Ghost of Dr. Harris  ryfink 15:06 Phrase missing at 14:36 Missing: It is too late now; his grave has been grass-grown this many and many a year; and I hope he has found rest in it without any aid from me. Listen See PL notes
5 Man Overboard!  maxgal 8:54 Listen PL OK
6 In a Haunted House  RobMarland 17:54 Listen PL OK
7 Dagon  JudasEscargot 12:34 Listen PL OK
8 The Empty House  EliHinze 44:01 Listen PL OK
9 The Tarn  rafeball 33:58 Listen PL OK
10 The Haunted House in Charnwood Forest  Veggrower 25:05 Listen PL OK
11 The Fakeer's Drum  Newgatenovelist 9:32 Listen PL OK
12 At Her Beck and Call  Newgatenovelist 15:00 Listen PL OK
13 The Man with the Gash  topaz420 28:15 Listen PL OK
14 Mother And Child  Grothmann 6:07 Listen PL OK
15 His Dead Wife's Photograph  ColleenMc 10:53 Listen PL OK
16 Last Scene of All  Grothmann 6:04 Listen PL OK
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