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1 Chapter I Introductory  Availle 8:37 Listen PL OK
2 Chapter II, Part 1  YuqingJune 26:01, until “The Transvaal Republic has no woman suffrage amid its hand-to-hand struggles” Listen PL OK
3 Chapter II, Part 2  YuqingJune 25:38, 3351 words from “To comprehend the condition of European governmental affairs” Listen PL OK
4 Chapter III, Part 1  YuqingJune 24:39, 3519 words until “The difference is world-wide” Listen PL OK
5 Chapter III, Part 2  Zirong 24:25, 3749 words from “The third count in the indictment runs” to “There is true division of labor now, in peace as well as in war", claimed 10/12/2020 Listen PL OK
6 Chapter III, Part 3  Zirong 28:23, 5114 words from “Suffragists mention as a final indignity the extension of the suffrage to...” to “at the prosperity and honor of every citizen”, claimed 10/12/2020 Listen PL OK
7 Chapter III, Part 4  jpseeger 31:15, 4212 words from “Fifteen years ago Suffrage leaders wrote in view of the wonderful advance of woman”, claimed 27/06/2020 Listen PL OK
8 Chapter IV, Part 1  NancyHalper 4422 words until “split their ranks asunder, were on their way to England”
claimed 28/2/2021
9 Chapter IV, Part 2  NancyHalper 4022 words from “These quarrels, stirred up through the unseemly conduct of men and women” to “and John B. Gough was principal orator”
claimed 28/2/2021
10 Chapter IV, Part 3  MamaGeek 3428 words from “The writers of the ‘History’ further say”
claimed 1/3/2021
11 Chapter V, Part 1  simonettix 3631 words until “without reference to her previous position before the law”, claimed 15/11/2020 Listen PL OK
12 Chapter V, Part 2  simonettix 3823 words from “One of the earliest demands made by the Suffrage Association”, claimed 15/11/2020 Listen PL OK
13 Chapter VII  NancyHalper
claimed 28/2/2021
14 Chapter VI  Jen0631 41:58
5613 words
claimed 30/1/2021
Listen PL OK
15 Chapter VIII  Jen0631 41:10
5869 words
claimed 5/2/2021
Listen PL OK
16 Chapter IX, Part 1  stoogeswoman 32:17 Listen PL OK
17 Chapter IX, Part 2  stoogeswoman 27:43 Listen PL OK
18 Chapter X  alixsquish 38:16, 5805 words, claimed 21/10/2020 Listen PL OK
19 Chapter XI  alixsquish 27:47, 4389 words, claimed 20/10/2020 Listen PL OK
20 Chapter XII Conclusion  BettyB 11:26 Listen PL OK