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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Chapter I Introductory  Availle 8:37 Listen PL OK
2 Chapter II, Part 1  YuqingJune 26:01, until “The Transvaal Republic has no woman suffrage amid its hand-to-hand struggles” Listen PL OK
3 Chapter II, Part 2  YuqingJune 25:38, 3351 words from “To comprehend the condition of European governmental affairs” Listen PL OK
4 Chapter III, Part 1  YuqingJune 24:39, 3519 words until “The difference is world-wide” Listen PL OK
5 Chapter III, Part 2   3749 words from “The third count in the indictment runs” to “There is true division of labor now, in peace as well as in war”, reserved for new reader Cmattssonboze 25/7/2020 Assigned
6 Chapter III, Part 3   5114 words from “Suffragists mention as a final indignity the extension of the suffrage to...” to “at the prosperity and honor of every citizen”, reserved for new reader 26/7/2020 Open
7 Chapter III, Part 4  jpseeger 31:15, 4212 words from “Fifteen years ago Suffrage leaders wrote in view of the wonderful advance of woman”, claimed 27/06/2020 Listen PL OK
8 Chapter IV, Part 1   4422 words until “split their ranks asunder, were on their way to England” Open
9 Chapter IV, Part 2  BellaN 4022 words from “These quarrels, stirred up through the unseemly conduct of men and women” to “and John B. Gough was principal orator”, claimed 11/6/2020 Assigned
10 Chapter IV, Part 3   3428 words from “The writers of the ‘History’ further say” Open
11 Chapter V, Part 1   3631 words until “without reference to her previous position before the law” Open
12 Chapter V, Part 2   3823 words from “One of the earliest demands made by the Suffrage Association” Open
13 Chapter VI   5613 words Open
14 Chapter VII  August20th 19:38 Listen See PL notes
15 Chapter VIII   5869 words Open
16 Chapter IX, Part 1  stoogeswoman 32:17 Listen PL OK
17 Chapter IX, Part 2  stoogeswoman 27:43 Listen PL OK
18 Chapter X   5805 words, reserved for new reader linseyphillips Open
19 Chapter XI   4389 words Open
20 Chapter XII Conclusion  BettyB 11:26 Listen PL OK